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Jill Stuart Summer 2017 Blooming Dew Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Jill Stuart Summer 2017 Blooming Dew Collection looks absolutely dashing. I’m in love with all the juicy new shades and products that are featured in this collection, but especially those blushes. I honestly can’t wait to see them up close!

Soft sunlight and a comfortable breeze. A picnic date in the sunshine, relaxing with someone special. Share a spread of fruit and sweet delights, chat, read a book, and snuggle close. Bring refreshing luster and a flushed hint of red to your lips, cheeks, around your eyes and on your fingertips. Makeup that sparkles in the sunlight, looking so natural but also just a little sexier than normal. Blessed smiles will bloom between you each time your eyes meet, bringing you even closer together.


International Launch Date – 7 April 2017 in Stores or 21 April 2017 for other items

Japan Launch Date – April 2017

Jill Stuart Summer 2017 Blooming Dew Collection

Blooming Dew Oil in Blush – New (21 April Launch Date)

The finish on your cheeks has a moist luster, yet the product is a powder. Formulated with glow oil, which has exceptionally high luster and affinity with the skin, allowing you to enjoy an overflowing feeling of luster.

  • 01 Peony Bouquet – pure baby pink, like a bouquet of peonies
  • 02 Swing Poppy – coral pink, like cutely swaying poppy flowers
  • 03 Lady Tulip – lady red, like proudly blooming tulips
  • 04 Blissful Rose – beige rose, like charming roses that inspire happiness
  • 05 Adorable Daisy – purple pink, like brilliant and alluring daisies (Limited Edition)

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Grow (10 ml) – New (7 April 2017 Launch Date)

  • 01 Fortune Strawberry – berry red, like strawberries that call forth good fortune (Non-Pearl)
  • 02 Grape Pink – pink, like the dew on a grape (Non-Pearl)
  • 03 Candy Apricot – cute coral, like an apricot (Non-Pearl)
  • 04 Loving Cherry – pure pink, like a sweet cherry (Non-Pearl)
  • 05 Peach Kiss – mature pink beige, like a ripe peach (Non-Pearl)
  • 06 Dearest Plum – deep plum, alluring enough to captivate completely (Non-Pearl)
  • 07 Chubby Apple – pure red, like an apple dripping with juice (Limited Edition)

Nude Couture Eyes – New (7 April 2017 Launch Date)

  • 01 Skin Beige – A beige and brown set of  colors that blend meltingly into your skin (Limited Edition)
  • 02 Mauve Brown – A mauve brown set that deepens your femininity with subtle nuances (Limited Edition)

Fruit Juice Nails (7 April 2017 Launch Date)

  • 68 Strawberry Juice – pure pink, like strawberry juice (Non-Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • 69 Cranberry Juice – vivid red, like cranberry juice (Non-Pearl) (Limited Edition)
  • 70 Melon Juice – coral pink, like melon juice (Limited Edition)
  • 71 Pineapple Juice – yellow, like pineapple juice (Limited Edition)
  • 72 Grape Juice – grape pink, like grape juice (Non-Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Picnic Date Pouch – Limited Edition (7 April 2017 Launch Date)

A limited edition, flat cosmetics pouch inspired by a picnic lunchbox. The ribbon can be removed. The grip on the clasp is a “J” mark. Large size offers plenty of carrying capacity.

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