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Jill Stuart Summer 2014 Pouches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Jill Stuart launches this month two new limited edition summer pouches with a very feminine design. Ideal for holding your makeup and beauty items it seems hard to decide between the two pouches as they are both pretty.



International Launch Date – 16 May 2014

Jill Stuart Eternal Vacation Pouch – New & Limited Edition – 3,800Yen

Like your favorite dress, decorated with delightful flowers. A limited edition pouch that makes you feel like a movies heroine. Pouch size: Approx. W180 x H85 x D65mm. Spacious enough to carry a wide range of cosmetics, and with a pocket to hold lipstick and blush. The long, wide shape also allows it to hold pencils. The front of the pouch is decorated with frills, like a tiered skirt, creating a feminine impression.


Jill Stuart Eternal Brilliant Time – New & Limited Edition – 3,800Yen

Like a romantic tutu dress. A limited edition, elegant pouch decorated with embroidery and lace. Pouch size: Approx. W180 x H85 x D65mm. Black lace and pink satin combine in a supreme Jill Stuart, innocent yet sexy design. The logo is depicted using elegant embroidery.


Any takers? I personally find the Eternal Vacation pouch closer to a girly-girl style and really resembling one of my skirts that I used to wear as a child. How about you lovelies? Are you considering buying any of these items?

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