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Jill Stuart Spring 2017 Sweets Couture Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

When I looking at Jill Stuart Spring 2017 Sweets Couture Collection I’m thinking a party full of desserts. Colorful cupcakes, macarons, biscuits surrounded by all kinds of favorite desserts and the fruity flavor of milk tea. I bet this collection will capture the hearts of young girls and bring happiness. I personally like the new eyeshadow palettes and blushes but I cannot look away from those juicy lip colors. Get ready to be tempted right after the jump.



Japan Launch Date – January 2017

Jill Stuart Spring 2017 Sweets Couture Collection

Sugar Brick Eye Color Palette – New

  • 01 Fruit Flavor Macaron
  • 02 Fresh Cream and Chocolate
  • 03 Raspberry and Pistachio

Glossy Eye Color Powder – Limited Edition

  • 01 Strawberry Frosting
  • 02 Mint Frosting
  • 03 Jasmine Frosting
  • 04 Grapefruit Frosting
  • 05 Blueberry Frosting

Nail Color – 10 ml

  • 63 Vanilla Milk Tea
  • 64 Strawberry Milk Tea
  • 65 Peppermint Tea
  • 66 Green Tea Milk Tea
  • 67 Peach Milk Tea

Cheek Color Palette – Limited Edition

  • Strawberry Fruit Tower

Color Brick Palette – Limited Edition

  • 22 Strawberry, Kiwi and Peach

Lip Balm – New & Limited Edition

  • 23 Sunflower Coral Powder
  • 24 Sunflower Orange
  • 25 Violet Powder

Cherry Lip Gloss – Limited Edition

  • 07 Pink Lychee
  • 08 Mango Cocktail
  • 09 Cherry Parkway

Cosmetic Bag – Limited Edition

Enjoy more photos…

jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-1 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-2 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-3 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-4 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-5 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-6

jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-10 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-11 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-7 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-8 jill-stuart-2017-sweets-couture-collection-9

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firhana December 5, 2016 - 9:19 am

Where can I find jill Stuart 2017 sweet collection in South Africa


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