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Jill Stuart Romantic Marine Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello babes!

This year’s Jill Stuart Romantic Marine 2016 Summer Collection looks so joyful, vibrant and full of colors. You have a variety of colors to choose from, either if you like blue shades for summer or you just a pink addict like me and want to go for the fresh, careless summer look. Jill Stuart Romantic Marine Collection draws its inspiration from the sunny Greek Santorini Island which is wrapped in a pleasant breeze and proposes an elegant vibe marine style look.



Japan Launch Date – 8 April 2016

Jill Stuart Romantic Marine Summer 2016 Collection

Mixed Blush Compact UV Veil SPF 20 – Limited Edition

  • No.13
  • No.14

Ribbon Couture Eyes Palette – Limited Edition

  • No.12 Private Marine
  • No.13 Shell Beach

Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Sheer – New (10 ml)

  • No.01 Cranberry Syrup (Permanent)
  • No.02 Blood Orange Juice (Permanent)
  • No.03 Camu Smoothie (Permanent)
  • No.04 Peachy Compote (Permanent)
  • No.05 Strawberry Float (Permanent)
  • No.06 Grape Juice (Limited Edition)

Sheel Nuance Eyelind Liner – Limited Edition

  • No.01 Sunlit Dew – pearl white
  • No.02 Sunlit Shell – pearl pink
  • No.03 Twilight Cruise – night blue

Romantic Marine Pouch – Limited Edition

Jill Stuart Nail Lacquer R – Limited Edition

  • No.47
  • No.48

Nail Art Liner

  • No.05 Pinkish Bordeaux (New)
  • No.06 French White (New)
  • No.07 Marine Navy (Limited Edition)

Enjoy more photos…


Jill-Stuart-Romantic-Marine-2016-Collection-2 Jill-Stuart-Romantic-Marine-2016-Collection-3 Jill-Stuart-Romantic-Marine-2016-Collection-4 Jill-Stuart-Romantic-Marine-2016-Collection-5 Jill-Stuart-Romantic-Marine-2016-Collection-6

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