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Jill Stuart Horoscope Nails 2015 / 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Jill Stuart has come up with the cutest nail polishes for 2015-2016 and its presenting Horoscope Nails Collection. One by one, every month Jill Stuart will release a new nail polish shade associated with a different horoscope sign. Each nail polish bottle will be accompanied by a small Swarovski pendant.



International Launch Date – 7 August 2015 for Virgo Nails | 4 September 2015 for Libra Nails

Jill Stuart Horoscope Nails 2015 / 2016 Collection

Since the collection will debut in August the first nail color will be associated with Virgo sign and will be named No.08 Observant Virgo. In September, Libra sign will follow and so will the new No.09 Justice Libra.

My sign is Sagittarius and you can’t imagine how anxious I’m to find out what Jill Stuart has in store for me and what shade did it picked. The lucky color of Sagittarius sign is turquoise so I’m expecting such a shade if it were to judge by the signs but I’ll also be happy with a darker shade or a vibrant pink.

What are your expectations from this collection? What shade would you like to have?


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