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Isadora Tropical Paradise Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Isadora Tropical Paradise Summer 2016 Collection is a beauty to look at. Inspired by the nature of tropical islands with their lush forests, blue lagoons and coral reefs the new limited edition Isadora summer 2016 products are waiting to be discovered. Even though summer is still a few months away I can’t help thinking about a luxurious vacation somewhere far away to a tropical island.



International Launch Date – May 2016 at Douglas perfumeries

Isadora Tropical Paradise Summer 2016 Collection

Bronzing Powder – Limited Edition

  • 45 Highlight Tan

Isadora Eyeshadow Quartet – New & Limited Edition

  • 07 Tropical Garden – sand, taupe, green, blue

Perfect Contour Kajal Waterproof Eyeliner – Limited Edition

  • 62 Tropical Blue – turquoise
  • 63 Tropical Green – mint green

Build-up Extra Volume Waterproof Mascara

  • 20 Black
  • 25 Ocean Blue

Twist-Up Gloss Stick

  • 40 Peachy Pink
  • 41 Paradise Punch
  • 42 Tropical Fuchsia

Wonder Nail Polish – Limited Edition

  • 526 Paradise Punch
  • 527 Tropical Fuchsia
  • 528 Papaya
  • 732 Papagaio Blue

Enjoy more photos…

Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-1 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-2 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-3 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-4 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-5 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-6 Isadora-Tropical-Paradise-Summer-2016-Collection-7

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