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Isadora Summer 2014 Multi Vitamin Gloss – New Shades

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

This summer Isadora launches two new shades of its Multi Vitamin Gloss which gives your lips a healthy looking and an incredible shine.


Treat your lips with a daily dose of vitamin gloss!
 For fuller, softer and more healthy looking lips day after day. Multi Vitamin Gloss has a powerful
 antioxidant effect for softer and smoother lips. It improves the skin elasticity and stimulates the
 cell and collagen production, making the lips appear fuller.


International Launch Date – July 2014 at Douglas and online @douglas.de

Isadora Summer 2014 Multi Vitamin Gloss

Multi Vitamin Gloss – €13.99

Benefits of the antioxidant effect:

  • Softer and smoother lips
  • Improvement of skin elasticity
  • Increase of cell production
  • Boosting of collagen production
  • Plumping
  • Anti-aging


  • 37 Fruit Cocktail
  • 38 Pink Berries



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