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Isadora Riviera Collection Spring 2016

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Right at the beginning of spring 2016, Isadora Riviera Collection will wait us on the counters with new, soft and fresh shades of lilac, pink and light brown in two gorgeous quadra eye shadow palettes. I can’t help feeling a bit interested on this collection as the eyeshadow come in two different finishes of shimmer and matte while for the lips Isadora suggest also so matte nude and rosy shades. Take a look right after the jump to discover the entire Isadora Riviera Spring 2016 Makeup Collection.



International Launch Date – February 2016 at Douglas perfumeries

Isadora Riviera Collection Spring 2016

Isadora Eye Shadow Quartet – €18.99

  • 05 Nude Rose
  • 06 Nude Sand

Twin Tip Eyeliner – New – €12.99

  • 52 Carbon Black

Volume & Curl Mascara – €15.99

  • 10 Black
  • 12 Black Brown

Multi Vitamin Lip Gloss – €10.99

  • 02 Sheer Almond

Twist Up Matt Lips – €13.99


  • 49 Bare’N Beautiful
  • 51 Bohemian
  • 69 Nude Rose
  • 70 Vintage Pink

Velvet Matt Nails – €8.99

  • 826 White Velvet
  • 827 Bohemian
  • 828 Vintage Blush
  • 829 Pink Sugar
  • 830 Blue Cloud
  • 831 Spring Light

Enjoy more photos…

Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-2 Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-3 Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-4 Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-5 Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-6 Isadora-Spring-2016-Riviera-Collection-7

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Jennifer Lundgren January 19, 2016 - 1:37 pm

I wish Isadora would use more than one model with different skintones. I am pale pale pale and can never relate to the beautifully tanned models and the colors they wear.


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