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Isadora Gloss Glace Spring Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Isadora presents its new line Gloss Glace which features 8 shades that will join the permanent Isadora makeup range. The formula of the new Gloss Glace lip glosses is non-sticky and moisturizes the lips. The finish is super sparkling and super gloss so it creates a three-dimensional effect that will visually increase the appearance of the lips.




International Launch Date – March 2016 at Douglas

Isadora Gloss Glace – New & Permanent – €13.50

Enjoy more photos…

  • 01 Diamond Glace – transparent with shimmer
  • 03 Peach Glace – sparkling peach
  • 05 Nougat Glace – sparkling beige
  • 07 Oyster Glace – sparkling pink-beige
  • 09 Pink Glace – glossy bright pink
  • 11 Rose Glace – shimmering pink
  • 13 Mauve Glace – shimmering lilac-pink
  • 15 Marron Glace – shimmering brown

Enjoy more photos…


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