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Isadora China Nail Art White China Collection Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello cuties!

Isadora launches China Nail Art – White China Collection of 9 nail polishes with an amazing cosmetic glitter content. To emphasize this colorful glitter is best to apply each polish on top of a white base coat or white nail polish.


IsaDora Special effect nail collection is inspired by Chinese art and culture and its strong influences
seen more and more in fashion, decoration and designs among other things. China has opened up to the world and has an amazing cultural treasure to share with us.

A mix of new and old China, bustling super metropolitans like Hong Kong and Shanghai sets the pace,
 but the great ancient cultural treasures still shines through: the powerful Dragon, the Ming and Tang
 Dynasty,  the Empresses of China, tycoons, fortune cookies…


International Launch Date – Now at Douglas and online @douglas.de

Isadora China Nail Art White China Collection Spring 2014

China Nail Art – New – €8.99 for 6 ml


  • 860 Chop Sticks
  • 861 Shanghai
  • 862 Shantung
  • 863 Tai-Pan
  • 864 Hong Kong
  • 865 Hot Pot
  • 866 Dragon
  • 867 Dynasty
  • 868 China Empress

Wonder Nail – €8.99

  • 685 White China

Top/ Base Coat

  • 600 Clear

Enjoy more photos…








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