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Guerlain Black Perfecto, Pink Ballerinas, Poppy Cap Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’m ending my review series of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipsticks (swatches, info, photos) with these three shades in 007 Black Perfecto, 020 Poppy Cap and 061 Pink Ballerinas. You can also take a look at some of the live swatches I’ve done for you the other week and I promise I’ll do a round-up review post in which I’ll include all the shades featured in this collection.


Where to buy:

Romania – Now at Sephora, Douglas

UK – Now at House of Fraser

Europe – Now at Sephora, Douglas

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipsticks (145.00 Lei / £21.50 / €29.50 for 2.8 g / 0.09 oz) are available in 20 new and permanent colors, with a super cute, feminine and glamorous packaging. The lipsticks shown bellow were received as testers, but I’ve already bought a couple of my favorite shades in the original packaging. Unfortunately here in Romania, two of my favorite purple shades will not be available so on my next trip abroad I’m definitely going to get them.

So many of you asked me in particular to review Guerlain Pink Ballerinas and Black Perfecto shades and let me tell you that these are one of the best selling shades already, so you guys have a great taste. 🙂

Like I said, Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire lipsticks have a new amazing scented floral fresh formula, a real pleasure to sniff it with every occasion, especially if you adore Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire fragrance which inspired this collection.

All the colors are buildable, but not every shade will deliver that high color payoff with an opaque color coverage. Some of them are more sheer, while others can reach a medium opacity if you layer the color a couple of times. I found that mostly the red and coral shades offer a higher pigmentation, but do keep in mind that these are lipsticks that offer also an ultra shiny finish and moisturize your lips throughout the wear so they were not meant to give you only a rich color.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (007) Black Perfecto Lipstick is dark grayish eggplantwith cool undertones and a super glossy finish. It’s the star color of this collection and it transfers on the lips to a different color for everyone, depending on you natural lip color. On me it looks like a blackened mauvy shade, with a semi sheer color that offers a translucency. It has this glossy finish that makes my lips appear fresh and fuller. I wore this color applied over different lip liner colors and everytime it looks different and amazing. It has a creamy, hydrating formula that glides effortlessly across the lips, making them feels soft and smooth. I did noticed it does emphasize my lip lines so that’s why I usually wear it applied over a lip liner. I had about 5 hours wear with this formula before the color started to wore away, but once I had a meal I needed to reapply the lipstick.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (061) Pink Ballerinas Lipstick is a light-medium nude baby rose with warm undertones and very fine silver shimmer which gives lips a luminous glow. It has this glossy finish that also makes lips appear fresh and plumed. Guerlain Pink Ballerinas has been the most requested shade to review and even when I asked at Guerlain counter the other week, they told me it’s one of the best selling shades so far. I guess it’s such a feminine, natural and rosy shade, that is perfect to wear on a casual day, at work or at school, and will complement every skin color. The color is easily buildable up to a medium opacity, which will definitely change your natural lip color but it won’t come as totally opaque or highly pigmented. It has a light creamy consistency with a lightweight formula which makes lips feel smooth and soft. It doesn’t emphasizes lip lines and gives such a luminous, rosy natural and fresh glow. I would definitely see this color more appropriate to be worn during the day. I had about 6 hours wear with this formula and when the color wore away completely it left a soft even stain behind.

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire (020) Poppy Cap Lipstick is a bright reddish-orange with warm undertones, subtle silver shimmer and a natural glossy finish. It’s a bright, vibrant color that is easily buildable up to a full opacity if you should desire. In a few layers you can achieve a bright fiery orange lip color that will definitely get you noticed, perfect for a vibrant makeup or a summer day. The formula of this one was a bit drying, as I felt the shimmering particles more than on the other lipsticks. It applies well, glides effortlessly across the lips but it didn’t give me the same moisturizing feeling the other Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipsticks gave me. I want to mention this is the only shade from the collection, that felt this way on my lips. I had about 6 and a half hours wear with this formula and in the end it left an even stain on my lips. I didn’t felt my lips nor drying nor hydrating after the wear.

Enjoy more photos…




Guerlain-Black-Perfecto-Lipstick-Review Guerlain-Black-Perfecto-Lipstick-Review-1 Guerlain-Black-Perfecto-Lipstick-Review-2 Guerlain-Black-Perfecto-Lipstick-Review-3 Guerlain-Pink-Ballerinas-Lipstick-Review Guerlain-Pink-Ballerinas-Lipstick-Review-1 Guerlain-Pink-Ballerinas-Lipstick-Review-2 Guerlain-Pink-Ballerinas-Lipstick-Review-3 Guerlain-Poppy-Cap-Lipstick-Review Guerlain-Poppy-Cap-Lipstick-Review-1 Guerlain-Poppy-Cap-Lipstick-Review-2 Guerlain-Poppy-Cap-Lipstick-Review-3

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