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Givenchy Vinyl Collection Autumn Winter 2015

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

News about Givenchy Vinyl Collection Autumn Winter 2015 just got to my attention so I can’t wait to share everything with you even though it is just a sneak peek for now. No, I’m not talking about that gorgeous Givenchy Flower Fall 2015 Collection (info, photos) that I posted about last week which will definitely enchant you with its limited edition floral packaging (probably the best one so far) and not even about the new Givenchy Teint Couture Balm Collection (upcoming article) that features mostly face products.



International Launch Date – September 2015

Givenchy Vinyl Collection Autumn Winter 2015

Presented as a super elegant collection the new Givenchy Vinyl will feature a Liner Vinyl brush tip eyeliner which delivers a high shine and a new Givenchy Palette Metallic Reflection. Surely available as a limited edition the new Givenchy Palette Metallic Reflection contains four metallic shimmer eyeshadows in combination of natural nude tones like soft pinks and natural browns. This palette casts light on its shadows. The work achieved on pigments tells the story of a lacquer, which, when mastered enlivens its colors when enhancing sparkles.

The new metal aquarelle formula contains aluminium powder pearlescent particles which are coated in a thin layer of silica for improved hold and exceptional coverage. Smaller than regular pearlescent particles, they are the only ones that can deliver this flawless lustre. With their extremely metallic base, they reflect the light like a mirror to boost colour.

The palette is made up of three Metal Aquarelle shades and one matte shadow, a red-black shade that creates a contrasting background, a perspective that offers shine and definition.

The box also evokes the idea of contrast between materials and tradition, inspired by a Givenchy men’s leather goods accessory, it pays tribute to the work involved in creating shine.

Givenchy Liner Vinyl is an intense lacquer that defines the eyes with vinyl and sophisticated radiance. Its unique texture can be applied and worked with quite simply using its thin brush to guide the line, whether full or slender, with a pure and extra shiny black. It will be available in one single shade No.01 Black.

Enjoy more photos…

Givenchy-Palette-Metallic-Reflection-Fall-2015 Givenchy-Vinyl-Liner-Fall-2015

Photo sources: ndegennes (Instagram) & Entandem-atelier

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Genevieve May 26, 2015 - 4:16 am

It looks an interesting palette, but I hope the quality is there considering the high prices.


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