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Givenchy Fall 2015 Flower Collection Sneak Peek

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

As spring is coming to an end we get to see the first sneak peek of Givenchy Fall 2015 Flower Collection. As I look closer to the photos taken at the pre-launch event by Abesawako I’m under the impression that we will be rather talking about a spring collection due to the floral packaging of the products.



Japan Launch Date – 3 July 2015

It looks like for the first time in a long time we will be seeing a limited edition Givenchy Makeup Case with flower prints that includes six eyeshadows, a Givenchy black mascara and eyeliner. This Givenchy fall 2015 makeup case surely looks lovely due to that rosy peony flowers print and the combination of shades between nude, naturals and intense black is something that many will look for once the vivid summer shades will go by.

The new Givency Prisme Quatuor will be also released in a limited edition floral print packaging and will include four of the eyeshadows found in Givenchy Makeup Kit.

I shall return with more details once information becomes available but until then we can enjoy these photos.


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