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Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream Swatches, Impressions

by Tavia

Hello cuties!

Giorgio Armani lip products are among my all time favorites so I couldn’t miss checking out the new line. Since I first blogged about Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream shades, I knew they will shrink my wallet. Yesterday I went to check them in person and convince myself they are worth the money. There’s a wide range of colors to choose from, but most of them are pinks. I did spotted a few nudes and reds out there but mostly pink, fuchsia and purply colors. How can this not be my favorite Fall 2017 lip line? 🙂


France Launch Date – end July 2017 at Sephora.fr

U.S. Launch Date – September 2017 at Nordstrom, Sephora , Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue

UK Launch Date – September 2017 at Selfridges

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream Swatches

I swatched every color available as you can see there was hardly any space left on my hand. Go here for LIVE SWATCHES so you can really see the high-shine these lip creams provide. Swatches shown on a simple photo just don’t do right by these colors. This is why I wanna to capture their intense shine in live swatches.

Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip Cream – New – $38.00/ £29.00 / €36.95

The colors are vibrant, intense, but many of them won’t necessarily look fully opaque on the lips. They were not even designed for that. Seeing Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine Lip Creams up close was so refreshing after the matte lip trend that’s been going on for a while.

The formula is lightweight, moisturizing just like a balm and feels weightless on the lips. You get the shine of lip gloss with the most comfortable creamy texture. Wait did I just said creamy…scratch that! I meant something more like a gel that glides amazingly across the lips. They are unbelievable…well at least for me who I always was a lipstick gal!

That wet and shiny finish it will the death of wallet next week when I get my paycheck. I hope they are as tasty as they look because I bet I’ll be feeding myself on makeup with these many launches. 🙂


Enjoy more photos…

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