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Fiery Burgundy Pink Makeup

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

It’s time for a new hot summer makeup look and this time I want to share with you my new Fiery Burgundy Pink Makeup, one that I worn last weekend for a night out with  my friends. As usually I’m more into nudes and naturals, I like to wear at least during the weekends a different makeup look, more intense and seductive so this time I choose something very easy to achieve and not very dramatic. Shades of burgundy, whine and plums are among my favorite when it comes to emphasize the green color of my eyes so take a look after the break and see what products I’ve used for this hot burgundy pink look.







Enjoy more photos…

Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup-4 Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup-2 Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup-1 Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup-5 Hot-Burgundy-Pink-Summer-Makeup-3

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