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Essence Wonderfuel Nail Polish Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Last week my nails were beautified by the new Essence Wonderfuel nail polish, a truly unique shade, one that is hard to get tired off. I loved this color from the moment I saw it and I was really curios to see how it will look on my nails and how long it will last so if you want to check out before and after photos then follow me right after the jump.



International / Romania – Now at local drugstores, DM drugstores, @kosmetik4less.de, @1001cosmetice.ro, @emag.ro

Essence Wonderfuel nail polish (€1.55 / 9 Lei for 8 ml/ 0.27 fl oz) is a holographic cool toned dark taupe violet with blue petrol and very fine silver and turquoise shimmer. This is truly a gorgeous shade which looks different depending on how the light hits.

In one coat it has a semi-opaque color coverage reflecting more of that taupe violet color while after the second coat the blue kicks in and intensifies everything while also providing a fully opaque color coverage and more of that shimmering particles. Essence Wonderfuel nail polish has an intense shine, one that doesn’t especially require a top coat but just for the sake of testing and comparing the results after a few days I applied the new Essence Gel Top Coat but only of my left hand nails.

All of my nails were previously cared for with the new Essence Gel Base Coat which adds a slightly matte finish.

The formula is light and thin but glides easily and evenly across the nails and provides a good application without streaking, bubbling and it doesn’t pull to the sides.

I love this Wonderfuel color as it’s so dark, rich and complements fair and light skin tones but I bet it will look also great on those with medium and darker skin. This is one of those colors that you can never called it boring as it transforms its appearance in different lights.

I had six days wear with this formula and exactly when I was about to take photos the polish chipped on my index finger exactly where I applied top coat. The color didn’t fade, is it still opaque, rich and pigmented with minor tip wear on the nails were I’ve applied Essence Gel Top Coat and that chipping only on one nail.

On my right hand nails where I haven’t applied top coat I had visible tip wear and a more mattified color.

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-1 Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-2 Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-3

Essence Woderfuel Nail Polish Swatch – one coat Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-4

Essence Wonderfuel Nail Polish Swatch – two coats Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-5

Essence Wonderfuel Nail Polish Swatch – two coats + Essence Gel Top Coat Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-6

Essence Wonderfuel Nail Polish Swatch – six days later (with Essence Gel Top Coat) Essence-Wonderfuel-Nail-Polish-Review-7 Essence Wonderfuel Nail Polish Swatch – six days later (without Essence Gel Top Coat)

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