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Essence Winter Wonderful Holiday 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Baby, it’s cold outside! The new trend edition Essence Winter? Wonderful! is warming the hearts of all winter fans. But even the biggest opponents of low temperatures are sure to find lots of products in the collection to sweeten the coldest time of year. Frosty winter colours like white, blue and ice-grey meet upon warm nude tones like pink and light apricot, which unite to create a gorgeous colour scheme. The cool winter pieces include the four nail polishes with various effects such as “frosted” or “crystallized” as well as the lip oil with a subtle colour dispersion in light or intensive pink. The limited hand balm pampers dry hands and the mini pocket heat pack in the shape of an ice crystal makes sure that they stay nice and warm. Welcome to winter wonderland… with essence!



International Launch Date – from mid December 2015 to January 2016

Essence Winter Wonderful Holiday 2015 Collection

Winter Wonderful Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition – €3.79

Cold meets hot! The eyeshadow palette in the five colours white, grey, pink and a light as well as a dark brown with shimmering and matt effects lets you create lots of different styles. Lovingly decorated with snowflakes and ice crystals, the packaging is an eye-catcher, too.

  • 01 All ice on me!

Duo Eye Shadow Brush – Limited Edition – €2.49

Brush duet. The duo eyeshadow brush is the ideal tool for cool eye make-up looks. One end is made up of fine bristles while the other is a sponge applicator: this way, you can apply and blend eyeshadow with ease.

  • 01 A winter’s tale

Eye & Inner Rim Pencil – Limited Edition – €1.99

Inside and out. The eye & inner rim pencil in icy white and frosty rosé can be used on the eye as well as on the waterline. For light, shimmering highlights.

  • 01 Cold as eyes
  • 02 Eye candy

Lip Balm – Limited Edition – €1.99

Crystal care! The transparent lipbalm with shimmer particles ensures a sparkling finish and supple lips. With a look that’s reminiscent of frozen ice, this balm guarantees a winter atmosphere.

  • 01 The eternal ice

Tint & Oil – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

Tinted love. Lip oils are all the rage right now – they nourish the lips with valuable ingredients and make them feel wonderfully soft. Thanks to the tint-effect, the lips are additionally given a light or intensive pink touch.

  • 01 If kisses were snowflakes…
  • 02 …I’d send you a blizzard

Blush – Limited Edition – €2.99

Colored cheeks! The tricolor blush provides the complexion with fresh colour accents – even in the wintertime. Pink, apricot and nude blend beautifully and the ice crystal embossment is a wonderful reminder of special moments in the snow.

  • 01 Winter kissed cheeks

Highlighter – Limited Edition – €2.99

Soft sparkle. This highlighter combines light apricot, pink and lilac to conjure-up subtle shimmer pigments on your face for a gorgeous, radiant glow. The surface of the texture is decorated with a beautiful ice crystal.

  • 01 You melt my heart

Nail Polish – Limited Edition – €1.79

Cool coat! Four colours, four effects. White with a “frosted” effect, semi-matt light blue, “iced” grey and pink with a “crystallized” finish turn your nails into a true masterpiece this winter.

  • 01 The frosted
  • 02 The semi matt
  • 03 The iced
  • 04 The crystallized

Top Coat – Limited Edition – €1.79

Ice-topping. The top coat with glitter particles creates an exciting, frosty nail style. Simply apply on top of colour nail polish to give your nails a sparkling, frosty look reminiscent of an icy surface.

  • 01 A winter’s tale

Hand Balm – Limited Edition – €1.99

Care for cold days! Your hands need plenty of care in the wintertime. The limited hand balm provides them with moisture to make them feel soft and supple – even when the temperatures drop below zero.

  • 01 You melt my heart

Pom Pom Hair Ties – Limited Edition – €1.49

Winter feeling! The fluffy hair ties with fake-fur pom poms in white and apricot give any ponytail a super-sweet look.

  • 01 it’s so fluffy!!!!

Heat Pack – Limited Edition – €1.99

Warm up! Say goodbye to cold hands. This reusable heat pack with a cute ice crystal design easily slips into any pocket and warms your hands upon activation.

  • 01 Hold me safe and warm

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-1 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-2 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-3 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-4 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-5 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-6 Essence-Winter-Wonderful-2015-Winter-Collection-7

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