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Essence Valetine – Who Cares? Spring 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Not even Christmas, not even the first snowflakes but I’m trying to fast forward you to spring with the new Essence Valetine – Who Cares? Spring 2016 Collection.


Always together: BFFs! The new essence trend edition “valentine – who cares?” is welcoming a different kind of Valentine’s Day. Wild, rebellious and casual, we’re breaking with old traditions and dedicating the day of love to best friends. This means: lots of fun and action for two! Edgy products in intensive colors like red, blue and black as well as metallic beige and khaki tones for strong styles. The favorites: the false lashes in two versions and the click & go nails with a stiletto design. The face & body tattoo stamp with an infinity symbol creates a trendy BFF tattoo and the limited, fruity-sweet scent underlines the rebel queen slumbering within every girl. Sisters before misters… with essence!


International Launch Date – mid January 2016 to mid February 2016 online @kosmetik4less.de and @kosmetik-kosmo.de and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ireland, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Spain, Nepal, Singapore, Venezuela, Afghanistan, India, Kuwait, Malta, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and United Arabic Emirates

Essence Valetine – Who Cares? Spring 2016 Collection

Smokey Eyeshadow Stick – New & Limited Edition – €2.49

Smooth looks. The retractable cream eyeshadow pen is easy to apply and blend. For expressive smokey eyes in metallic beige or shimmering khaki.

  • 01 Love is in the air – don´t breathe!
  • 02 L.o.v.e. blah blah blah

Smokey Cream Kajal – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

No limits. The creamy, easy-to-blend eyeliner with a tapered mine ensures exciting smokey eyes looks in intensive black. Thanks to the conic shape of the tip, there’s no need for a sharpener.

  • 01 Sisters before misters

False Lashes – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

Lashes in love! The false lashes in two unique versions – volume lashes and a lashline that becomes thicker at the ends – guarantee a dramatic, sultry look.

  • 01 Good girls go to heaven…
  • 02 …Bad girls go everywhere

Liquid Lipstick – New & Limited Edition – €2.49

Rockin΄ red. The liquid lipstick unites the coverage of a lipstick with the mirror shine of a gloss. In light and dark red for the ultimate wow-lips.

  • 01 Crew love is true love
  • 02 I´m not into roses

Translucent Fixing Powder – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

Heart-to-heart. The compact powder with a soft, transparent texture sets make-up in place and mattifies the complexion. With interlocking hearts and stars on the surface of the texture.

  • 01 Guys allowed, NOT!

Nail Polish – New & Limited Edition – €1.79

Nail crew! The four nail polishes – khaki and red with a semi-matt latex finish as well as blue and beige with metallic results – offer a combination of colors and effects that turn nails into eye-catchers.

  • 01 L.o.v.e. blah blah blah
  • 02 Talk to the hand!
  • 03 Crew love is true love
  • 04 Love is in the air – don´t breathe!

Click & Go Nails – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

High-heels for nails. Make a true statement with the cool, almondshaped tips of the click & go nails in a stiletto design with black on top and red below. Simply select the desired size of the self-adhesive
artificial nails and cause a sensation at the next party!

  • 01 Fly off cupid!

Face & Body Tattoo Stamp – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

To infinity and beyond! All girls and their BFFs can design matching tattoos with the face & body tattoo stamp. Unlike the friendship, the stamped tattoo will only last a little while.

  • 01 sisters before misters

Like a Rebel Queen Fragrance – New & Limited Edition – €2.99 for 10 ml

Wild thing. Fruity-sweet, fresh and cheeky, this fragrance is sure to awaken the rebel queen in all beauties and is reminiscent of fun times with your best friend. The sparkling top note contains tangerine, candy apple and pear, which unite with plum and roasted almonds in the middle note to give the scent a sweet touch. The base note with sandalwood, musk and licorice is as deep as a long friendship.

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-1 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-2 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-3 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-4 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-5 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-6 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-7 Essence-2016-Spring-Valentine-8

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