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Essence Urbaniced Fall 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Keep on eye on the upcoming Essence Urbaniced Fall 2015 Collection launching in a couple of weeks. There are also some new fragrances worth checking out and not to mention some pretty lip cream shades along with other face, eye and nail products.


Skatepark, basketball court or chill out zone – every city has one: a hot spot to relax and hang out with friends. The new trend edition “urbaniced” by essence is conquering these “places to be”! Inspired by the athletic street style fashion, this trend edition offers a colour scheme full of contrasts with bold shades like pink, fuchsia and blue as well as darker nuances such as grey, mud and black. The exciting, slightly brushed texture turns the street style eyeshadows into true it-pieces, and the blush with a splash design is totally unique, too. The lip cream in a cool tube design comes with a small applicator so all girls can emphasize their lips when they’re out and about. The nail & cuticle tattoo liner decorates nails and cuticles with awesome graffiti designs, and two limited fragrances exude a touch of city flair. While “like an uptown girl” stands out for its light yellow fruit and floral accents, “like a downtown girl” convinces with dark berries and sensual notes. Urban and nice … with essence!


International Launch Date – from September to October 2015 exclusively in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belaurs, Russia, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Algeria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka.


Essence Urbaniced Fall 2015 Collection

Street Style Eyeshadow – New & Limited Edition

Street art! The metallic texture of the eyeshadows with a cool asphalt pattern in a street style look give eyes an intensive finish in the three trendy colours silver, pink and grey-black.


  • 01 City girls rule!
  • 02 The happy direction
  • 03 For city-kittys only!

Graffiti Ink Eyeliner – New & Limited Edition

Get inked! The deep black, long-lasting formula of the ink eyeliner ensures exciting eyeliner styles. Whether you go for slim lines or a more dramatic look – your eyes are sure to stand out!

  • 01 For city-kittys only!

Lip Cream – New & Limited Edition

Urban lips. The lip cream in soft pink and bright fuchsia provides the lips with a gorgeous matt finish. The small brush applicator allows an ultra-accurate application and is the perfect companion for all urban adventures in its small, sealable pouch.

  • 01 Go for a stroll
  • 02 Turn heads, baby!

Blush – Limited Edition

Freestyle. The blush with a soft texture in fresh pink is truly unique – the surface is decorated with urban splashes of colour. The intensive fuchsia perfectly harmonizes with the pink to give you a radiant complexion.

  • 01 The sunny side of the street

Street Style Highlighter – New & Limited Edition

Funky street! The light, powdery texture of the highlighter has a cool 3D embossment. Easy to blend, it offers shimmering, metallic results in pink.

  • 01 The Happy Direction

Nail Polish – Limited Edition

Colourful city. Four different nail polishes with a long-lasting texture offer just the right colour to match every mood. This wanna-have product is ready to join you on your urban adventures in khaki, fuchsia and pink as well as silver with a trendy brushed metal finish.

  • 01 Freak out!
  • 02 Turn heads, baby!
  • 03 Fun and the city
  • 04 City girls rule!

Top Coat – Limited Edition

NAILborhood… the top coat with matt and shiny effect flakes in fuchsia, pink, white and black guarantees eye-catching nails. As creative and individual as graffiti!

  • 01 Be my town homie!

Nail & Cuticle Tattoo Liner – New & Limited Edition

Art allowed. Cuticle tattoos are the ultimate trend in any city! With this black tattoo liner, you can decorate your nails, cuticles and hands with cool designs. The slim tip lets you draw accurate styles like dots, stripes or hip patterns. It’s time for urban girls to get creative!

  • 01 That´s art!

Like an Uptown Girl Fragrance – New & Limited Edition (10 ml)

Classy! Cheerful, bubbly and exuberant – perfect for all uptown girls who feel most comfortable in relaxed city spots: let’s head to Central Park! The top note is fruity with orange, tangerine, pineapple and mango, and then unites with rose, freesia, jasmine and water lily in the middle note to give the fragrance its floral components. Cedar and sandalwood, musk and vanilla create an aromatic, exotic character in the base note. “Like an uptown girl” is fun and inspires a great mood.

Like an Downtown Girl Fragrance – New & Limited Edition (10 ml)

Up-to-date! Fresh, modern and a little edgy – just like all the trendsetters who love the lively, vibrant and exciting dynamics of Times Square! Tangerine, blackcurrant and grapefruit create a sparkling fruitiness in the top note. The middle note consists of peony, raspberry and candy apple to provide the fragrance with its slightly sweet, floral accents while caramel, musk, vanilla and tonka bean offer a soft, creamy aspect. “Like a downtown girl” is individual and gives you the feeling of freedom!

Purse – Limited Edition

Tagged purse! This stylish belt pouch with a colourful graffiti design is the perfect place to store all the important utensils you need on your discovery tour of the city. The purse can easily be attached to your belt loop, too!

  • 01 Bag it up!

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-1 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-2 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-3 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-4 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-5 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-6 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-7 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-8 Essence-Fall-2015-Urbaniced-9

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This line looks great. I wish we would get more of the Essence collections.. it’s so unfair . 🙁


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