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Essence Satin Mauve Lip Liner Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Essence Satin Mauve Lip Liner has been one of my go-to lip liners for years and I really don’t have any excuse or explanation for the fact that I haven’t reviewed it earlier. I always seem to forget to review the products I purchase and I love the most. 🙂



Now at DM drugstores, ULTA, Auchan, local drugstores, @1001cosmetice.ro

Essence Satin Mauve Lip Liner ($1.49 / 5.50 Lei for 1 g/ 0.035 oz) is a deep brown mauve with red undertones and a matte finish. It has a good color payoff, it’s rich and pigmented and looks opaque on the lips if it’s used as a base.

I really like this color, a different kind of nude which looks very well worn on its own as a lip color. I’m a light skin tone and this color is one of my favorites lip liners as I do use it pretty often as you might have noticed from my makeup look tutorials. I’ve been using this shade for years, actually repurchase it a couple of times already and I’ll do it again as it was part of the Essence permanent collection.

It has a semi creamy consistency, glides amazingly well and effortlessly across the lips delivering a rich color but one that isn’t in your face. You can choose to wear it as a matte lip color, as a lip liner or as a lip base and add a lip gloss on top of it, this color will surely complement all skin tones.

It feels lightweight on the lips, without drying them out and resists pretty well as I always had more than 4-5 hours wear with this color. Used as a lip base it really makes the difference and preserves the color even after you had a meal.

For me this is truly I shade that I will wear on a daily basis and that I often combine it with lipsticks of different colors or lip glosses for a pop of shine. Considering it’s a drugstore product I would say is one of those gems each drugstore brand has and it will definitely worth getting more colors. If you are looking for a true nude lip color then I would recommend you checking out Essence Hot Chocolate Lip Liner (review, swatches) another of my favorites.

Enjoy  more photos…

Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Review-1 Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Review-2 Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Review-3 Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Swatch Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Lip-Swatch Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Lip-Swatch-1 Essence-Satin-Mauve-Lip-Liner-Lip-Swatch-2

LEFT: Bare Lips – RIGHT: Wearing Essence Satin Mauve Lip Liner


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Ale October 29, 2015 - 7:08 pm

Hello! I really love this lip liner, I have it for a long time, BUT unfortunately I can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore!! I want to buy a new one, but there is not a single shop which sells it…Where do you buy it from? Thank you!!


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