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Essence Minis 2 Go Collection Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Take a first look at the new Essence Mini 2 Go Collection hitting counters next month and joining the permanent range.


Essence most wanted – minis 2go: travel time, shopping marathon or a visit to the movies? The new essence range offers useful beauty helpers, cool accessories and personal care products in mini-sizes – ideal when you’re on the go! This new range supports beauties who are always out and about with their styling on the go!


Germany Launch Date – February 2014 available exclusively at Muller

Essence Minis 2 Go Collection Spring 2014

Hand Cleansing Gel – New & Permanent – €1.79 (Exclusive at Muller)

Clean hands! Whether you’re traveling, shopping or doing sports – you can remove dirt and bacteria gently and easily with the hand cleansing gel! Now your hands can be cleaned thoroughly without soap and water and they are given a light, fresh and pampering scent, too! The tiny blue beads in the texture are peppy eye-catchers.

Demakeup Wipes – New & Permanent – €1.29 (Exclusive at Muller)

On the road! The demake-up wipes thoroughly free your eyes and face of make-up. With their fresh, pampering scent and handy size, these wipes are ideal when you’re out and about. One pack contains 15 wipes.

Deo Wipes – New & Permanent – €1.29 (Exclusive at Muller)

A different kind of deo! The deodorizing wipes offer a fresh and pampered feeling in a flash – no matter where you are! The refreshing scent and practical size turns the deo wipes into perfect companions when you’re on the go. One pack contains 15 deo wipes.

Deo Wipes – New & Permanent – €1.29 (Exclusive at Muller)

Refreshing! The hand & body wipes refresh and clean your hands and body with a fresh scent. Whether you’re on the train or on an airplane: the practical wipes are a must on every trip, no matter how short or far. One pack contains 15 wipes.

Silicone Bag – New & Permanent – €2.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Beauty bag! The two cute silicon bags are ideal for storing little accessories and mini make-up products that simply have to come along wherever you go! Available in a cool berry and light blue with an essence logo.

Brush Set – New & Permanent – €2.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Mini brushes! Three little brushes consisting of a powder or blush brush, an eyeshadow brush and an eyeshadow applicator for an all-round successful make-up style. This way you can touch up your make-up quickly and easily when you’re on the go, too. Comes in a practical, re-sealable pouch.

Double Mirror – New & Permanent – €1.79 (Exclusive at Muller)

Dual beauty! The folding double mirror with one regular reflection and one reflection enlarged by twice its size is especially flat so it’s sure to fit into even the tiniest clutch. This way, you can check your look wherever you are!

Pocket Brush – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Those who are on the go a lot appreciate little beauty helpers. With a brush and mirror in one, this pocket-sized beauty tool ensures that every beauty is perfectly equipped for quick style touch-ups! On your marks, get styling, go!

Hair Ties – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

The colorful hair ties in soft mint and coral sweep your hair back into a trendy ponytail. The ties are water-resistant, so they are ideal to wear when you’re participating in sporting activities. A cool bonus: the hair ties are designed in such a way that they do not leave any dents in your hair despite the ribbed structure. Two hair ties in one pack.

Hair & Accessory Band – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

These casual hair ties are absolutely trendy, practical and totally elastic. They come in two versions – fuchsia-berry and lemon-green as well as bright purple and electrifying turquoise. A big plus: they are a trendy 2in1 product and can also be worn as a cool bracelet. Two hair ties in one set and available in a total of two versions.

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