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Essence Glam! Rock! Style Collection Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Essence presents Glam! Rock! Style Collection for spring 2014 which will be joining the permanent range of products starting next month.


Essence GLAM!Rock!style: Glamorous or rock-chick style! The new essence range skillfully combines these two trends. In addition to cool body tattoos, you can also look forward to hair powder, shimmer spray and cute accessory stickers. This range offers plenty of creative products that are so much fun!


Germany Launch Date – February 2014 exclusively at Muller

Essence Glam! Rock! Style Collection Spring 2014

Rock Style 3D Tattoo Design – New & Permanent – €1.49 (Exclusive at Muller)

Tattoo art! The 3D tattoo designs are adhesive on both sides. First, place the design on the desired area and peel off the top foil. As a second step, you can also apply the cool 3D tattoo glitter on it. For absolutely flawless and trendy tattoos that can be washed off again with warm water and soap. Available in a total of three versions.

Rock Style 3D Tattoo Glitter Set – New & Permanent – €2.49 (Exclusive at Muller)

Tattoo art part two… once the 3D tattoo designs have been applied on the desired area, you can add some glitter! There’s a choice of three different sets with three different colors each: blue, turquoise, holographic silver as well as berry, lavender, purple or dark green, gold, black. The cool glitter comes in small stackable tubs and are great for mixing into gorgeous color gradients, too! Available in a total of three versions.

Rock  Style Body Tattoo Stamp – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Stamp it, baby! Feel like a funky tattoo, but not forever? The cool pen-shaped tattoo stamp creates little stars, hearts or smileys on your body in a flash to give your style that extra edge. No matter whether you want to stamp a highlight on your ankle or a cool tattoo on your upper arm…. it’s really easy to apply and remove again as desired.

Rock  Style Hair Dye Powder – New & Permanent – €2.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Coloration to go… the pressed hair powder creates awesome highlights in the four rocking colors mint, blue, pink and purple. Simply apply on the desired strand or area of hair and wash out again whenever you wish. A unique must-have for all individualists who are in the mood for a hip spring look.

Rock  Style/ Glam Style 3D Accessory Sticker – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Pimp things! Glam up everyday objects like smartphones, laptops, letters or books with the funny accessory stickers. These diverse gel stickers are available in two versions – rock style and glam style. And for a little fun: the round rock style version is an exact fit for the home button of an iPhone. Available in two different designs.

Rock  Style Fashion Tattoos – New & Permanent – €1.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Tattoo fashion! From February onwards, you can conjure-up cool tattoos on your skin. Each of the three versions contains metallic silver and black designs. Version 01 and 02 “tattoo” cool bracelets and rings on your skin while version 03 offers trendy motifs like stars, arrows or musical notes. Available in a total of three designs.

Rock  Style Sparkling Hair & Body Spray – New & Permanent – €2.99 (Exclusive at Muller)

Sparkle, sparkle… this spray with a subtle vanilla scent gives your hair and body gorgeous multicolor glitter highlights. The glitter pigments are easy to wash off or out with warm water and soap or shampoo. Available as a 50 ml aerosol.

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-2014-Rock-Style-Hair-Dye-Powder-1 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-Hair-Dye-Powder-2 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-Hair-Dye-Powder-3 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-Hair-Dye-Powder



Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-2 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-3 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-4 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-5 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-6 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-7 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-8 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-9 Essence-2014-Rock-Style-3D-Tattoo-Glitter-Set-10






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