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Essence Exit to Explore Fall 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello babes!

Right at the end of summer, Essence presents its new Exit to Explore Trend Edition, a fall 2016 collection inspired by the colorful world of Amazon. I’d have to say the packaging is pretty cheerful and I see so many items that I like, not to mention my interest on sniffing the new Essence Jungle Dream fragrance. Too bad the collection is not launching in my country so if you are getting some of these new items, do let me know how they are.


Next stop: paradise! With the new trend edition “exit to explore”, essence is discovering the exotic world of the Amazon. Inspired by the extraordinary nature and diversity of species, the collection offers intensive colours like apricot and purple, textures with a high coverage and a summery floral product design. The absolute jungle highlights are the eyeshadow with an iridescent holo-effect and the refreshing lipsticks with a mint scent. Discover the rainforest – with essence!


International Launch Date – from mid August to mid September 2016 in Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia, Ireland, Finland, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Uruguay, Algeria, Bahrain, Israel, Malta, Qatar, Sri Lanka and United Arab Emirates and online @kosmetik4less.de

Essence Exit to Explore Fall 2016 Collection

Eyeshadow – Limited Edition – €1.99

Chameleon eyes! Three soft powder eyeshadows with high colour dispersion create intensive eye make-up looks in green, purple and
apricot with an iridescent, holographic finish.

  • 01 You can, toucan
  • 02 Queen of the amazons
  • 03 Apricot cockatoo

Blush – Limited Edition – €3.49

Tropical! The blush with a unique colour gradient from apricot to pink gives the cheeks a fresh flush like you’ve just returned from an Amazon river cruise. With a colourful blossom design.

  • 01 My heart is beating like a jungle drum

Refreshing Lipstick – New & Limited Edition – €2.49

Cooling colour. The slender pen in warm apricot and bright pink provides the lip with a mint scent and a slightly cooling finish.

  • 01 Pink parrot
  • 02 Apricot cockatoo

Lip Glow – New & Limited Edition – €2.29

Natural glow. The transparent gloss develops an individual pink shade, subtly tints the lips and leaves them looking nice and shiny.

  • 01 Lily’s kiss

Nail Polish – Limited Edition – €1.99

Jungle-like. Green with an oil-slick effect, shiny apricot, metallic purple with a foil finish and pink with a holographic shimmer bring the fantastic colour scheme of the Amazon to the nails.

  • 01 Liana’s in the jungle
  • 02 Apricot cockatoo
  • 03 Queen of the amazons
  • 04 Pink parrot

Body & Cuticle Tattoos – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

No matter whether parrots, hibiscus blossoms or palm trees – the cool tattoos with holographic effects can be applied on selected areas of the body or on the cuticles as cheerful eye-catchers.

  • 01 Feel the jungle vibes

Hair Ties – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

In full bloom. Two frangipani flowers in white and purple give any hairstyle a tropical touch.

  • 01 My hair is a jungle

Like a Jungle Dream EDT (10 ml) – New & Limited Edition – €2.99

The beauty of nature. This fruity-floral fragrance with exotic coconut and flowery notes is sure to awaken a desire for exciting expeditions through the rainforest with its tropical flair.

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-1 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-2 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-3 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-4 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-5 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-6 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-7 Essence-Fall-2016-Exit-to-Explore-Collection-8

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