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Dolce & Gabbana Summer Dance 2017 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

I invite you to explore the new Dolce & Gabbana Summer Dance color collection inspired by a cinematic blazing summer. It will hit counters at the beginning of July so follow me right after the jump to find out all the details.

Model Vittoria Ceretti embodies a heroine in high summer. It all starts with a deep and captivating summer glow on a burnished skin, vivid pink that intensifies lips, cheeks and nails, and pop colors that comes to complement this radiant summer look.

The Summer Dance Make Up Collection takes us on a journey to a land where the bronzed earth is cooled by the coastal breeze. The colorful palette of shades is inspired by a blazing summer. Playful and sensual, the irresistible warmth of sun-kissed bronzer and heated pink leads to a dance of hedonistic splendor.


UK Launch Date – July 2017 at Harrods

U.S. Launch Date – July 2017 at Nordstrom, Saks

Dolce & Gabbana Summer Dance 2017 Collection

D&G Eyeshadow Quad – Limited Edition – $62.00

  • 180 Summer Dance

D&G Bronzer – $56.00

  • 30 Sunshine

D&G Creamy Blush – $55.00

  • 30 Rosa Carina

D&G Eyeliner – $31.00

  • 08 Blue
  • 23 Pink Pop (New)

D&G Shine Lipstick – $36.00

  • 165 Fascination
  • 130 Sheer
  • 150 Fuchsia (New)

D&G Sheer Shine Gloss – $32.00

  • 20 Mirror Ball

D&G Nail Lacquer – $27.50

  • 230 Candy
  • 724 Rock Green
  • 805 Mirror Ball
  • 728 Electric Blue

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