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Bright Makeup Look is not for everyone

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

As much as I like bright shades I’m not convinced that a makeup look in intense and super pigmented colors would by flattering for me. I’ve seen so many girls looking awesome wearing a bright makeup with sparkling or neon pinks, oranges and purples but I also know that not everyone can pull out a Bright Makeup Look. I feel there’s no harm in trying and indulging myself in a guilty pleasure, like wearing at least from time to time a makeup look that probably doesn’t look to good on me but just for the sake of combining and playing with these shades I wanted to do it. We should wear what makes us comfortable, makes us feel beautiful and confident and if a bright eyeshadow colors are what you like then this is what you should wear. 🙂





  • MAC Lingering Brows



Enjoy more photos…







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genevieve September 1, 2015 - 7:08 am

I agree with you – not everyone can wear bright colours successfully. I would not even try burgundy or bright red eye shadow as I have red hair and fair skin – I would look like I had a red eye. Darker jewel colours with grey, pale blue and gold are my thing. It’s important to know what colours and styles suit your face shape, complexion and colouring the best.


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