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Artdeco The Sound of Beauty Fall 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello babes!


It’s just wonderful to see the new Artdeco The Sound of Beauty Fall 2016 Collection which just launched this month. The color palette is leaning more to classical, autumnal shades, a bit of golden bronze and dusty red now and there. The limited edition Blush Couture got my attention in its new limited edition Beauty Box Trio as well as some of the new eyeshadows. Take a closer look to pick your favorites!


The fascination for classical music and its soulful facets from light and buoyant to deeply moving and are perfectly reflected in this fashionable color assortment “The Sound of Beauty”. Darker, dramatic earth and violet shades in perfect harmony with mauves and soft, gentle nudes. A breeze of baroque opulence and the elegance of classical music blend together in a precious symphony of autumnal trend colors.


International Launch Date – August 2016 at Douglas perfumeries and online @douglas.de, @artdeco.de

Artdeco The Sound of Beauty Fall 2016 Collection

Artdeco High Performance Lifting Foundation – €26.95 for 30 ml

The High Performance Lifting Foundation gives the complexion a natural radiant appearance. The skin is gently matted and shines evenly thanks to the light-reflecting attributes. The new active ingredient Polysilikon-11 gives an exceptional satiny skin feeling and lets the skin appear tighter. The contained gold particles provide an additional soft-focus effect. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid cares for an additional “filling” effect: wrinkles are visually diminished. The innovative foundation melts together with skin and ensures a long-lasting, even complexion without becoming blotchy. The light creamy texture is suitable for all skin types, especially for exhausted and mature skin. Contains vitamin E and a protective UV filter. Without lanolin.

  • No.11 Reflecting Honey
  • No.10 Reflecting Beige
  • No.12 Reflecting Shell
  • No.15 Reflecting Vanilla
  • No.20 Reflecting Sand
  • No.25 Reflecting Rosewood

Artdeco Blush Couture – New & Limited Edition – €20.00

A soft earth tone, mauvy red and an elegant nude shade: The limited blush couture puts three magnificent well-matched colors onto your cheeks. The exquisitely embossed design mixture of notes and flowers and the exceptional box design transform the blush couture into a dazzling object of desire. A soft earthy tone, a mauvy red and an elegant nude: All three colors of the blush couture work perfectly together. They may be used alone or together in a perfect color liaison.

Artdeco Beauty Box Trio Limited Edition – €10.00

You can perfectly store your eyeshadows and blushers in the refillable magnetic boxes. Thanks to the integrated mirror, the ARTDECO Beauty Boxes are ideal when traveling. This box offers enough space for 3 eyeshadows or 1 blusher.

Long-Wear Eyeshadow – New Shades – €6.95


  • No.216 Forbidden Forest (Satin)
  • No.236 Orchestra Rose (Satin)

Artdeco Eyeshadow – New Shades – €4.95


  • No.168 Golden Violin (Pearl)
  • No.158 Port Royal (Pearl)
  • No.224 Sahara Sand
  • No.202 Elegant Taupe

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof – New Shades – €6.95

  • No.13 Deer Lord!
  • No.96 Rock, Paper, Scissors

All In One Mascara – €14.00

  • No.01 Black

Repair Lip & Care Oil – €13.00

The repair & care lip oil makes chapped lips a thing from the past. Carefully selected, silky-smooth oils intensely nourish your lips. It is slowly absorbed into the lips, nourishes your lips long-term and still feels incredibly light and pleasant on your lips. Your lips will look deeply moisturized with a soft sheen.

Soft Lip Liner Waterproof – New Shades – €6.95

  • No.09 Bonfire
  • No.30 Pumpkin Spice
  • No.94 Grape Stomping

Perfect Color Lipstick – New Shades – €10.00

  • 17A Cayenne Pepper
  • 73A Sandstone

High Performance Lipstick – New Shades – €14.00

  • No.447 Goji Berry
  • No.539 Brownstone

Perfect Matt Lipstick – New Shades – €12.00

  • No.138 Black Currant
  • No.140 Berry Sorbet

Art Couture Nail Lacquer – New Shades – €8.50

  • No.665 Brick Red
  • No.682 Wild Berry
  • No.807 Rooibos Tea
  • No.905 Gunmetal
  • No.908 Aztec Taupe
  • No.995 Golden Moss

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-1 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-2 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-3 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-4 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-5 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-6 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-7 Artdeco-Fall-Winter-2016-The-Sound-of-Beauty-Collection-8

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