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Artdeco Spring 2017 Cover & Correct Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Artdeco presents its new spring 2017 sensation, the new Cover & Correct Collection. As the name itself suggests, the entire collection is focus on concealing and correcting any problems or imperfections your complexion might have. Either if you want to conceal blemishes, hide dark circles, even out your skin tone or reduce redness, this collection offers all the necessary products. You will also find a couple of new, trendy brushes. Take a closer look!


International Launch Date – March 2017 at Douglas. I spotted some of the products online @douglas.de

Artdeco Spring 2017 Cover & Correct Collection

Liquid Camouflage Liquid Foundation – New

  • 12 Light Apricot
  • 16 Rosy Sand
  • 22 Beige Dust
  • 32 Sunny Tan
  • 38 Summer Honey
  • 46 Dune Sand

Color Correcting Stick – New

  • 02 Green
  • 04 Lavender
  • 07 Yellow
  • 08 Apricot

Most Wanted Color Correcting Palette – New

It comes in four shades with a creamy textures that melts on the skin and it’s easily blendable. A brush is included for a more precise application.

  • Green
  • Lavender
  • Yellow
  • Apricot

Setting Compact Powder – New

Available in one universal shade this new powder is perfect to set your makeup in place and ideal for those with oily and combination skin types.

Cover & Correct Fixing Powder – New – €6.79

The fixing powder sets in place any creamy textures and makes them waterproof. It’s also suitable for fixing other make-up roducts and even extends the durability of your lipstick, making it longer lasting. The powder is suitable for all skin types, but is especially dedicated to oily and combination skins.

Cover & Correct Fixing Loose Powder – New – €11.99

Body Camouflage Full Cover Body Make-up – New

  • 08 Natural Cashmere
  • 11 Vanilla Beige
  • 17 Light Walnut

Premium Quality Brushes – New & Limited Edition

  • Small Oval Brush (€14.99)
  • Medium Oval Brush
  • Large Oval Brush

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