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Artdeco Paradise Island Summer 2017 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Artdeco Paradise Island Collection for summer 2017 is just one of the new makeup collection of the hot season and brings with it a tropical breeze.

The refreshing collection enhances your make-up with a hint of tropical breeziness. Bronzing meets innovative specialized products. The revolutionary highlight: The Ombré³ Lipstick! The three-toned lipstick creates the perfect ombré effect in just one stroke.


International Launch Date – Now at Douglas perfumeries

UK & International – Now at BeautyBay

Artdeco Paradise Island Summer 2017 Collection

Artdeco Bronzing Blusher – New & Limited Edition – €22.95

The limited edition two-toned design blusher enhances your cheeks with hint of an exotic gold shimmer. The vibrant colors work so perfectly together that they melt into a soft and harmonious summer breeze. The soft, smooth texture is extremely long-lasting. The refillable Bronzing Blusher is transformed into an elegant design piece with the playful and dainty embossing with a hint of ethno.

Artdeco Glow Bronzer – New & Limited Edition – €22.95

Luminous summer complexion: With the two vibrant, perfectly color coordinated shades, the limited edition Glow Bronzer gives your complexion an elegant summery tan with a golden glow. The long-lasting texture is very easy to apply. The refillable bronzer comes in a breathtaking limited edition ethno-design embossed box with a hint of summery carefree feeling.

Bronzing Magnum Powder – New & Limited Edition – €24.95

The water-resistant Bronzing Magnum Powder with its sheer finish gives your complexion a natural, long-lasting sun-kissed appearance. Thanks to its high coverage you can easily adjust the bronzers opaqueness to your desired look. A hin of summer on your skin or a just back from vacation look? The light texture does not dry out your skin and feels incredibly pleasant.

  • 02 Beach Babe
  • 06 Sun Burst

Cushion Blusher – New & Limited Edition – €19.95

A hint of exotic freshness for your cheeks: The softy shimmering Fusion Blusher with nurturing ingredients refreshes and invigorates your complexion instantly. Small round powder particles and a silky smooth texture make blending the vibrant colors evenly very easy. Simply use your fingers. The cushion applicator applies the perfect amount of product effortlessly onto your skin.

  • 02 Paradise Parot
  • 04 Tropican Tucan
  • 06 Bamboo Bronze

High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo – €12.95

The creamy-silky texture combines color intensity and a comfortable feeling on your skin with long-lasting features on your eyelid. The stylo can easily be blended with just a few strokes and provides an even result. Volatile silicones and the optimal balance between oils and waxes prevent from settling into creases. The soft and non-smudging texture provides perfect durability on the eyelid. The long-lasting High Performance Eyeshadow Stylo provides a shimmering finish with high-color release. Due to its water-resistant characteristics the durability of the stylo is guaranteed for hours. No sharpening is necessary, due to the retractable mechanism at the end of the stylo you can easily unscrew the refill.

  • 23 Coconut Bronze
  • 43 Acay Berry
  • 68 Palm Tree

Ombre Lipstick – New & Limited Edition – €14.95

Ombré-WOW-effect after the first stroke: Creating bold statement lips has never been easier. The three perfectly coordinated shades feel wonderfully soft on your lips. Perfect for a very even ombré effect in just one stroke without the need for blending. The creamy lipstick opens up a variety of possibilities to perfectly apply an ombré look onto your lips. Let your imagination run wild! Revolutionary!

  • 13 Tutti Frutti
  • 23 Trouble in Paradise
  • 33 Violet Vibes
  • 43 Red Fusion

Spray On Leg Foundation – Limited Edition – €19.95

The Spray on Leg Foundation is perfect for a quick, even tan. The Tanning Spray provides the legs with a naturally tanned look and covers small unevenness and it is quick-drying and long-lasting. This bronzing spray absorbs rapidly, giving your legs a naturally bronzed look in no time at all. The Spray on Leg Foundation can be easily and evenly sprayed onto the skin and gives your legs a naturally bronzed look in no time at all.

  • 01 Soft Caramel
  • 03 Sand
  • 05 Sun Tan
  • 08 Desert Sand

Applicator Mitt for Spray On Leg Foundation – Limited Edition – €7.95

Even tan for your legs without looking blotchy: Apply the leg foundation with the high-quality, reusable mitt very easily and extremely evenly onto your legs. The impermeable texture on the inside protects your hands from stains.

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genevieve June 28, 2017 - 7:44 am

Art Deco is a winner this summer – gorgeous shades.


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