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Artdeco Long-Wear Lips for Spring 2015

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!


New York – the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple trends have inspired Artdeco to create Long-Wear Lips, a new line of products that offer new ultra long-lasting lipstick shades with a fantastic color intensity. The entire collection offers long-wear lip product that will help you achieve sexy seductive lips that nobody can resist.


International Launch Date – mid February 2015 at Douglas

Artdeco Long-Wear Lips for Spring 2015

Long-Wear Lip Color – New – €10.95

  • #10
  • #18 Sexy Red
  • #28
  • #35
  • #46 Elegant Nude
  • #60
  • #70 Sweet Pink
  • #73

Mineral Lip Styler – €8.50

  • #09 Mineral Red
  • #35 Mineral Rose Red
  • #02
  • #49

Beauty Balm Lip Base – New – €12.80

The Beauty Balm Lip Base is a breakthrough technology and has a liquid balm texture that prepares the lips for the application of any lip product. The Base unites primer, care and protection in just one product. Since the lips are perfectly primed for makeup application, the color of your gloss or lipstick will perfectly accentuate your look. It has a weightless formulation that feels incredibly light on the lips and gives the lips an immediate “push-up” effect and smoothens them. The Beauty Balm Lip Base contains micro-fine pigments that neutralizes your lips’ color without covering it, becomes invisible nearly immediately and your lipstick or gloss will glide on like silk. It contains a complex of amino-peptides, collagen and Hyaluronic acid which moisturizes the lips and makes the lips lose less moisture. SPF provides the lips with extra protection. Vitamin A and Corn extract nourish the lips. The Beauty Balm Lip Base increases the durability of all lip colors.

Magic Fix – New – €12.80

Magic Fix seals in your lipstick with an invisible protective shield. Magic Fix contains natural ingredients and prevents lipstick from transferring, for example, on glasses, cups and shirt collars as well as lipstick from feathering or bleeding into fine lines around the lips. Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof. Essential oils provide a a nourishing boost. Bergamot oil, with its fruity-flowery, warm aroma, has a balancing and relaxing effect and Lavender oil, with its floral aroma and a woody note, has a nourishing and calming effect.

Lip Brush Platinum – New – €9.50

The conical tip enables a precise application of the lipstick and a gentle shading of the lip contour. The brush makes the lipstick color appear more intensive.

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring-1 Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring-2 Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring-3 Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring-4 Artdeco-Long-Wear-Lips-2015-Spring-5

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gio February 10, 2015 - 10:02 pm

That Magic Fix sounds intriguing! I could use something like that!

Amalia February 11, 2015 - 9:41 am

Magic Fix… when Lavender oil exposed to oxygen, lead to allergic contact dermatitis. Bergamot oil also can induce malignant changes to cells. This means skin-cell death.


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