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Artdeco Lip Innovation Collection for Fall 2014

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Artdeco creates Lip Innovation, a new collection dedicated exclusively to the most beautiful lip products that will offer your lips a seductive and sensual effect.



International Launch Date – mid July 2014 at Douglas, Muller

Artdeco Lip Innovation Collection for Fall 2014

Lip Filler Base – €12.80

This naturally translucent shade brings the brilliance of every lipstick color to its best. The creamy velvety texture contains fine powdery microspheres that connect to the lip surface and fill optical irregularities. The lips appear more even, smoother and plumper. Natural waxes protect against moisture loss. Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and vegetable oils nourish the lips.

Color Booster Lip Balm – €9.50

Nourishes and beautifies the natural lip color with a delicate pigmentation. Depending on your personal pH of the lips the color varies from a subtle rosé to a delicate pink. The lips look refreshed and radiant. Vegetable oil, which is extracted from the seed of the tropical miracle tree, forms a mechanical protective film against water-soluble pollutants and protects the lips against moisture loss. Nourishing apricot and peach kernel supports the moisture content of the lips; revives the delicate Spermint flavor and refreshes.

Glossy Lip Volumizer – €10.80

Lips are wrapped in a soft and exceptionally tender sensation. The slightly creamy texture with a subtle pink-touch create a naturally shine on your lips. Through the blend of exclusive ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and wild mango butter, lips appear visually fuller. The fresh mint-vanilla scent makes the Glossy Lip Volumizer the perfect volume-care miracle.

Color Lip Shine – €14.80


  • No.20 Shiny coral red
  • No.32 Shiny fire-red
  • No.62 Shiny cherry plum
  • No.67 Shiny classic rose
  • No.76 Shiny sheer rose
  • No.86 Shiny nude

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-2014-Lip-Innovation Artdeco-2014-Color-Lip-Shine Artdeco-2014-Color-Lip-Shine-1

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