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Artdeco Hot Nails 2015 Summer Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!


Here comes Artdeco Hot Nails Collection, a new nail exclusive 2015 summer line which features bright and colorful shades that will definitely get noticed when you wear them on the beach, by the pool, in vacation or in any other summer day. Artdeco Hot Nails features 12 new mini edition summery shades that will guarantee you a perfectly beach look.

Hot, hotter, Saint Tropez. On the beach of the southern French port city will meet the international jet set. ARTDECO grabs the fresh colors of hotspots in trendy mini lacquers: Hot Orange, flashy red, eye-catching pink and fresh violet. Perfect for a chic beach look. The mini nail polish fits into any beauty case.


International Launch Date – mid March 2015

Artdeco Hot Nails 2015 Summer Collection

Ceramic Nail Lacquer (Mini Edition) – €3.95

The Ceramic Nail Lacquer contains patented ceramic particles to increase its strength and ensure a long-lasting shine. A patented plasticizer keeps the lacquer smooth and makes it easy to apply. Polyester resin reduces the drying time and reduces discoloration and settling of the lacquer. The premium nylon fibers of the brush have perfectly been adapted to the lacquer.


  • No.408
  • No.411
  • No.413
  • No.414
  • No.417
  • No.438
  • No.520
  • No.525
  • No.526
  • No.528
  • No.535
  • No.553

Enjoy more photos…

Artdeco-Hot-Nails-2015-Summer-1 Artdeco-Hot-Nails-2015-Summer-2 Artdeco-Hot-Nails-2015-Summer-3

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