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Artdeco Cool & Fresh Refreshing Spray for Summer 2014

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

We are almost in the middle of summer now and there are more hot days on the horizon so the new Artdeco Cool & Fresh Spray sounds so refreshing. When the temperature is high and I have to go out I always keep a refreshing spray or thermal water spray in my bag so I can’t wait to try this one out. When I want to cool my skin in just a few seconds, a refreshing spray is the perfect method to do it and it also gives the skin a fresh look.


The new Cool & Fresh Refreshing Spray invigorates, refreshes and cools the skin in seconds. Using a complex of precious minerals the refreshing spray perks up tired skin while improving skin functions. The delicate spray’s scent evokes a sun-kissed orange.  The ultimate kick of freshness for hot summer days!


Germany Launch Date – now @sonjas-kosmetikstudio.de

International Launch Date – July 2014

Artdeco Cool & Fresh Refreshing Spray – New & Limited Edition – €6.80 for 75 ml

Using the stimulating mineral complex of copper, zinc and magnesium the nourishing, moisturizing refreshing spray improves skin functions. The spray has a fresh summery scent evoking sun-kissed oranges. Thanks to its quick and easy application, the Refreshing Face Spray is ideal for traveling. The spray may also be applied over make up.



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