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ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50 Review, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

The sun is shining and its rays are hotter than in any other season so I need a sunscreen that offers me more than the usual SPF 20 factor. There’s been almost 3 weeks now since I’ve been using ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50 everytime I go out during the day so after testing it along with other foundation as well I can give you a full review.



Romania – Now in pharmacies at Magnifique Skin counters and online @magnifiqueskin.ro

International – Now @labo-acm.com and pharmacies

ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50 (53.00 Ron for 40 ml/ 1.35 fl oz) is sunscreen cream for extreme sun conditions suitable for those with fragile and sun sensitive skins and even for children. I have a fair skin so I’ve always had a hard time during summer as my skin gets red so easily even though I’m just simply talking a walk during the day.

As a combination skin type I had my share of experience with SPF 50 sunblock creams and my concerned was always about the oiliness that will show on my face even after 1 hour from the application. So I started using ACM Sensitelial Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 with a little bit of skepticism in my mind.

For the first couple of days I wore the cream without any makeup on so I could see how it would behave on my bare skin and after how many hours my complexion will begin to shine. I was honestly amazed to see that even at the end of the day I had no oiliness only a bit of shine but not as much as I would expected. Within 3 or 4 hours my complexion got a bit of shine, more like a dewy glow and it remained like this for the entire day so I thought of wearing it differently the next day.

The cream comes in a white opaque squeezable tube for an easy application but unfortunately you will not be able to see how much product is left inside. It is a white fluid with a light texture that applies evenly onto the skin giving it a smooth appearance and a feeling of comfort. I really like its light texture as I found it more suitable for combination/ oily skin tones rather than those thick creamy textures of most sunscreen creams.

Before I tested the cream for a full face makeup I decided to wear it for a couple of days a bit differently. On my clean skin after applying the ACM Sensitelial Sunblock Cream SPF 50+ I dusted a thin layer of loose powder or finishing powder (tested it with MustaeV Silky Cotton Loose Powder, Guerlain Clair Meteorites Compact) and it instantly gave me a soft matte finish which lasted the entire day. There were days when temperatures were so high and even then there was no sign of oiliness on my complexion so I knew I had to move to the next step.

I started applying a thin layer of this cream on my clean complexion 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and give it about 5 to 10 minutes to set before applying my foundation. I tested it while I was wearing MustaeV Skinny Tint Foundation, Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation and also Senna Lasting Illusion Satin Matte Foundation. On my complexion it behaved rather well with all of these foundations especially considering the high temperatures that were out there in those specific days. With MustaeV foundation I started to show a shiny complexion after 4 hours and my bloating papers that I always keep nearby just saved the day. Tested along with Max Factor skin luminizier foundation which is mean to highlight the skin it has the same effect, a bit of shine after 4 hours while Senna foundation due to its matte finish kept the shine under control for the entire day.

I will definitely wear this product throughout the summer and it will definitely come with me on my summer holiday as a trusted friend to keep my complexion safe while I’m enjoying the sun on the beach. I bet you all know the rule of applying the product 30 minutes before each sun exposure and re-apply it after swimming or sweating

Thanks to its association of organic and mineral filters including a micronized extract of pearl, the cream protection factor is optimized.

Enjoy more photos…

Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-1 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-2 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-3 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-4 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-5 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-6 Acm-Sensitelial-Sunscreen-Cream-Review-7

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