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Zaggora HotPants 2.0 Medium – Preview & Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Today I want to talk you about Zaggora HotPants 2.0 Medium which were sent to me for testing and review purposes. When I was contacted by Zaggora a few weeks ago I instantly accepted their offer because I needed that extra help with my gym training. I’m going to the gym for 5 months now and I began to see the results only recently and I was so happy to have the opportunity to try these new HotPants and see if they can improve my workout results.


HotPants 2.0 Medium get you hot from waist to knees to give you a powerful boost whenever you’re active. They feature Zaggora’s signature Celu-Lite heating fabric technology and have thinner, stronger fabric, an improved anti-irritant waistband, and a flexible compression fit to get you hot in comfort and style. They’re an improved version of our original HotPants and fall below the knee for optimal coverage!


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I go to gym 5-6 times per week but when I’m too busy (or too lazy) I do it only 3 times a week so this Monday I started training in  my new HotPants and I was really excited to see if they are they miracle pants some people claim. I will give you just a quick preview because I want to disclose my full review after 1 month and tell you every detail about my results.

The Zaggora HotPants come in different colors and sizes from XS to XXL and the HotPants 2.0 Medium retail for €79.00.

Honestly if I would have heard about them from someone else or even my best friend I would still have my doubts but I hope you can trust me when I’ll will tell you that my first training session with these HotPants 2.0 Medium was amazing.

The material is a mix of neoprene, nylon and polyester so this pants resemble pretty much with a wetsuit and they may seem difficult to get into but I fitted quite easily into mine which are L size with the one condition that your skin should be perfectly dry. If your skin is a bit moist or if you’ve applied body creams or lotions before it will take longer to fit in them. I was sent the HotPants in black color but on the inside they have a phosphorescence yellow green color.

I’ve already used the HotPants 3 times this week, while I was doing my cardio workout but also in the days when I trained with weights. I was a bit concerned that they will get me hot from waist to knees and I would feel an uncomfortable burn that stop my from training but was nothing like that. For me it was a constant warm sensation and no discomfort at all. They were soaking all the sweat but by the end of my training hour I was sweating so much more than usual (2-3 times more) that my socks and sneakers were completely wet. I know it’s not pleasant to be talking about sweat but I just want to point out that these HotPants were unbelievable efficient right from the first session.

They are very easy to clean, you just need to manually wash them in cold water and put them to dry for a couple of hours.

First Results

Some of the first results I noticed in the first day, was that my feet were no longer swallowed due to the high amount of water that I eliminated during my workout. I do have a problem and I retain a lot of water even though I drink a lot of fluids everyday so I always had to drink special teas to eliminate the extra water in my body.

I weighed myself before and after the first session when I did my cardio workout and I lost 0.5 kg which I know it was water and obviously not fat because it’s so hard to burn the fat but the great thing is that these HotPants are so efficient and they help you burn even more calories when you work due to this fabric’s special technology. On the third day when I trained with weights the results were even more incredible and the scale showed that I lost 0.7 kg.

The other thing I like about these Zaggora HotPants so far is that my skin feels so smooth and soft after I undress them and I’ll say it’s something resembling with a sauna experience only that with these pants are better. I for one can’t go to sauna because of the heart problems I inherited from my family so I was so happy to be able to sweat as much as I would have in the sauna but without that discomfort.


The only disadvantage for me is that I have to wash my sneakers after each training session because my socks become completely wet so my sneakers do to. I’m worried that my sneakers won’t last that long if I put them in the washing machine 5-6 times a week.

Final Thoughts

Now I’m really looking forward to my gym session everyday as it is so wonderful to see the immediate results and feel comfortable in the same time in your training equipment. I’m curious to see the long time results of training with my new HotPants and I promise to return with more details in a month.

Enjoy more photos…




I would love to know if you tried Zaggora HotPants until now or if you’ve heard about them and what are your thoughts. 🙂

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