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YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain Fall 2016

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

The time has come for YSL to unveil their new Vinyl Cream Lip Stain fall 2016 collection I was telling you about last month. I was really looking forward to seeing these new lip products, as I love a pigmented lip color with an ultimate shiny effect.



U.S. Launch Date – Now online @yslbeautyus.com | 15 July 2016 at Bergdorf Goodman

YSL Vinyl Cream Lip Stain – New – $36.00

High coverage liquid lip color with ultimate shine, comfort, and all day wear. Vinyl Cream dresses lips in full coverage color and high-impact vinyl shine. The diamond shaped applicator allows for perfect lip contouring and color glides on evenly in just one stroke. The creamy formula provides 10 hour wear and all day comfort so lips look and feel beautiful.
  • 401 Rogue Vinyle
  • 402 Rogue Remix
  • 403 Rose Happening
  • 404 Nude Pulse
  • 405 Explicit Pink
  • 406 Orange Electro
  • 407 Carmin Session
  • 408 Coral Neo Pop
  • 409 Burgundy Vibes
  • 410 Fuschia Live
  • 411 Rhytm Red
  • 412 Rose Mix

Enjoy more photos…

YSL-Vinyl-Cream-Lip-Stain-2016-Collection YSL-Vinyl-Cream-Lip-Stain-2016-Collection-1 YSL-Vinyl-Cream-Lip-Stain-2016-Collection-2 YSL-Vinyl-Cream-Lip-Stain-2016-Collection-3 YSL-Vinyl-Cream-Lip-Stain-2016-Collection-4

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maria July 18, 2016 - 2:59 pm

I can’t wait for your review.


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