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Shiseido New Future Solution LX Collection for Spring 2014 – First Look

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Shiseido has extended its Future Solution LX Collection for spring with three new products, which are going to become available at the end of this month. For now I’ll post a sneak peek and I will return with more details and photos next week.



International Launch Date – January 2014

Romania Launch Date – February 2014  (without the body cream)

Shiseido Future Solution LX Collection 2014

Future Solution LX Total Protective Emulsion SPF15 – New – 50ml

Is a light moisturizer meant to be used during daytime and it helps protect the skin against environmental damage while it reduces the appearance of lines and sagging. Key ingredients include Skingenecell 1P, Premium Sansho Extract, Star Fruit and Okura Extract.

Future Solution LX Superior Radiance Serum – New – 30ml

This is a brightening serum that will help even out skin tone and decrease dark spots and pigmentation while fighting against wrinkles and sagging. The new formula contains Shiseido’s Lustrous Dual Action Technology, a Pearl Hybrid Complex and Skingenecell 1P.

Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Body Cream – New – 200ml

This new body bream improves skin quality, moisture, texture and tone. Key ingredients are Skingenecell 1P, Houttuynia Cordata Extract and Angelica Root Extract which improves microcirculation.

The news of Shiseido Spring 2014 does not end here as  the brand created a new digital platform which will feature a different theme every month sharing Dick Page’s (Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director) beauty tips. I will post more details about this subject in a future post.


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