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SexyBox Red Lingerie Review

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

If you love beauty boxes, gifts and surprises you’ll definitely like Sexy Box. Today I’ll be reviewing this hot Red Sexy Lingerie that they sent me earlier this month and since I’m new to Sexy Box I want to give you all the details about this company as well as I know you’ll be just excited as I am. If you are new to Sexy Box you should know that this is a subscription based service, just like a beauty box, only that you will get each a month a surprise, provocative and high quality lingerie outfit.


I personally think this is so cool as if you order it for yourself you don’t get to pick what you want, Sexy Box will pick for you based on the results of the quiz you have to take when you subscribe to this service so it will be like a gift to yourself, allowing you that fun and exciting part where you open the box and curiously take a peek inside to see what you got. If you are ordering for a friend or for a family member it will also be a great gift if you know her taste. I’m thinking about that interesting part where even guys can register for this service and taking the test, based on their preferences and surprise you with a SexyBox fill of sexy lingerie, without them feeling awkward like entering a lingerie shop and picking up something for you. SexyBox is addressed to all women, regarding of their relationship status so if you want to surprise yourself or a friend with a sexy, fun, provocative gift this is the perfect way to do it.


U.S. and International – Now online @sexybox.com (free shipping) Check out the Discount Coupon Codes

Every month you’ll be offered a new lingerie outfit that can be anything from a bra set, to a corset, teddy, camisole or even a sensual costume on the holiday seasons.

You can choose to be a monthly member and get the Monthly Subscription for $34.95 (use coupon SexyTavia40 to get a $15 discount and the price down to $19.95) and you’ll receive an exclusive discount on your first purchase. You will be charged each 6th of the month and will receive your very own sexy surprise box without a doubt.

You can also get the Quarterly Subscription for $89.95 and receive a 10% discount included but all my readers can use coupon code Sexy3box to receive a $20 discount for the 3 month prepaid package. A 3 month prepaid package, you will be charged once every 3 months and will receive a new SexyBox each month.

Choose the Pay As You Go option for $49.95. Shop once, no subscription and ne strings attach. Fell the thrill of the surprise box with a onetime purchase, but you will quickly get addicted and subscribe!

They have all sizes and this is absolutely amazing, considering plus size women hardly can find something suitable to wear, and I mean we can all look and feel sexy regardless of our weight. I know how I feel when I need to shop for lingerie, especially since only last year I began to loose some of the weight I gained over the past 4 year, and I know many women have that feeling that they don’t want to enter a lingerie shop and pick something so SexyBox will definitely make things so much easier as you only need to fill in your size and they will deliver you something that you’d like for sure. If you are extra small they will have your size and don’t worry if somehow they got your size wrong, you can e-mail them and they will sent you another product.

I received this Sexy Red Lingerie that I haven’t got to wear but I’m hoping I will soon, I’m just waiting for the perfect occasion. Red is the color of passion so even though I’m not into this color I must say the set looks good on me. It’s just my size, fits me perfectly and it also has adjustable braces.

It’s like a sexy baby doll, see-thru lace baby doll, that it stretches and it feels light on me. I like the red bow that makes the entire set look sexy but somehow girly and this kind of lace mini dress will definitely look good on anyone. You can even wear it to bed on a hot summer day when you can’t stand your pj so on any other night without needing a special occasion. I know I said earlier that I haven’t got to sleep in this set yet, as for the first time I want it to be something special but afterwards I’ll definitely wear it more often, as a casual summer bed time outfit as the temperatures here are going crazy.

I really like the lace details, it makes the entire set looks a little bit girly, while still allowing you to keep a provocative attitude.

I would definitely recommend SexyBox for anyone who has a husband or has been in a long relationship and wants to spice it up a little bit or you just don’t feel comfortable entering a store and shopping for lingerie as this subscription makes it so much easier for you, you just enter fill in your sizes and preferences and that’s it.

Enjoy more photos…

Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-1 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-2 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-3 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-4 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-5 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-6 Sexy-Box-Red-Lingerie-7

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