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Senna Rose Gold Glow Eye Color – Review, Photos & Swatches

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Senna Rose Gold Glow Eye Color was one of my favorite shades this season and it is part of Senna Summer 2013 Sunglow Collection (info & swatches) which I told you about a couple of months ago. This is the type of shade that can complement any skin tone from very light to very dark, it’s versatile and can be paired with almost every eyeshadow color out there. It can be applied as a natural shade with an extreme sheen on your eyelids or as a highlighter on your brow bone for those with darker skin.



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Senna Rose Gold Glow Eye Color ($18.00 for 2 g/ 0.07 oz) is officially described as a golden pink but I see it closer to a medium pale rosy champagne color with an extreme sheen, but without being too much. The texture is incredibly soft and it applies easy and smooth across the eyelid without feeling dry or falling out.

Without a primer Rose Gold has a sheer color payoff looking more nude and natural, the kind of color that will open up your eyes if it’s applied on the inner corner of the lid or just brighten up your eyes and give you that fresh natural look. If you apply it on top of an eyeshadow base (I tested over Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion) the color looks more pigmented and intense but without being fully opaque or too dramatic. Rose Gold can be used dry or wet depending on how intense and pigmented you want it to be. It’s easily buildable and it blends well with other eyeshadows.

I had 8 hours wear with this shade without fall out, creasing or fading but after 10 hours it requires a small retouch as the color looses a bit of its intensity. I truly recommend this color for those looking for a nude glamorous shade but natural and suitable for all skin tones at the same time.

Enjoy  more photos…





Senna Rose Gold Glow Eye Color Swatch

I hope you enjoyed reading this review and I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts about this shade. Are you into rosy nude colors or you would rather wear something more pigmented and bright? 🙂 Do share!


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