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Sculpt your face with Shiseido

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

This summer warm up the skin with rich bronzing powder and gold highlights. Now it’s easier than ever to create a fresh, natural and defined look using Shiseido products. Right after the jump I invite you to take a look at the easy makeup tutorial suggested by Dick Page, Shiseido Artistic Director. The secret is to use dark colors to sculpt and create dimension and light colors to highlight.


  1. Mix your shade of Sheer and Perfect foundation SPF 15 (review, photos) with a small amount of Shimmering Cream Eye color in Techno Gold (GD803) to transform your foundation into a highlighter. Apply selectively around the eye and accross the cheekbones with your hand or a brush.
  2. To sculpt your face, apply the Bronzer under the cheekbones, on your forehead, on your jawline and neck. It will add some structure to your makeup.
  3. To illuminate your eyes, take a small amount of Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Pale Shell (PK214) and put it on the inner corner of the eye and right under the eyebrow. It will make your eyes pop!
  4. Use the Luminizing Satin Face color in Soft Beam (BE206) or in white around the outer lip line for a halo of highlight.
  5. Make it simple and use the New Face Color Enhancing Trio to create complexion, dimension and harmonize. A three in one product to contour and highlight.

Enjoy more photos…






Shiseido-Shimmering-Eye-Color-Preview Shiseido-Shimmering-Eye-Color-Review


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