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Paul & Joe Les Vacances Skincare Collection 2016

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Paul & Joe creates a new and original philosophy for skincare and presents Les Vacances Collection.


A vacation releases stress by easing tension – with reduces stress your skin is able to rejuvenate and repair itself more efficiently. Use Paul & Joe skincare to maintain the fresh “afterglow” results of a relaxing Mediterranean vacation – every single day of the year!


International Launch Date – October 2016

Paul & Joe Les Vacances Skincare Collection 2016

Paul & Joe The Oil – New & Permanent

The benefits of century-old olive oil. A satisfying oil of your beauty routine every day. A new method of skincare that envelops your skin with enriching pure oil. Your skin texture immediately softens with this oil. Everything you desire – plum, glowing, hydrated skin drenched in moisture.

Herbal Lotion – New & Permanent

Plump your skin with moisture. A mild, velvety lotion that delivers a rich and soothing sensation. Beautiful skin filled with moisture and bouncy elastic firmness – perfect skincare for the active woman! Apply the lotion after the oil – it’s all you need!

Cleansing Cream – New & Permanent

The perfect way to begin and end your day – a relaxing massage the gently cleanses away dirt and impurities. Luxurious and rich texture for an all over smoothness you can feel! Skin feels soft and supple without ever feeling sticky! Smooth and resilient skin – never the need to “Double Cleanse”!

Facial Cotton – New & Permanent

Delicate and soft but still durable as to not disintegrate with use. Custom developed specifically for The Oil & Herbal Lotion. A 3-layered cotton pad designed to effectively hold the oil & lotion inside to best distribute and apply the oil & lotion evenly across the skin.

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