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OPI Hello Kitty Spring 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Well this is some beauty stuff I know I really want (didn’t say I need 😀 ) to have it no matter what.
Since I first laid eyes on OPI Hello Kitty Spring 2016 Collection (more photos, nail polish kits) I knew I got to have me some of these super cuties. I’m not talking only about the limited edition Hello Kitty nail polish bottles but also about those soft rosy and violet shades. Swatches and reviews can be found on several nail polish blogs so by the time this collection enters the stores and beauty salons you will know for sure that colors your heart nails desire.



Japan Launch Date – 8 January 2016

OPI Hello Kitty Spring 2016 Collection

OPI Hello Kitty Nail Polish – New & Limited Edition


  • NL H80 Kitty White – pearl of a girl white
  • NL H81 Charmmy & Sugar – sparkly pink for pretty pets
  • NL H82 Let’s Be Friends! – this cotton-candy pink is my new bestie
  • NL H83 Look at My Bow! – this sweet-girl pink sits right at the top
  • NL H84 Small + Cute = ♥ –  do the math…this baby pink is perfect
  • NL H85 Spoken from the Heart – I have deep feelings for this pretty coral
  • NL H86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel – I just love this fun pink super-glitter
  • NL H87 Super Cute in Pink – I always say, “the pinker, the better”
  • NL H88 My Twin Mimmy – this sunny yellow is twice as nice
  • NL H89 5 Apples Tall – this apple red really measures up
  • NL H90 My Pal Joey – this true blue is always there for you
  • NL H91 Never Have Too Mani Friends!  – Let’s “ink” a date for our next manicure!

OPI Hello Kitty Spring 2016 Collection also features various Hello Kitty Nail Polish sets that I’ve already showed you in a previous article. Don’t forget to also check out OPI Hello Kitty Gel Color Collection if you are a fan of gel nail polish.

Enjoy more photos…

Opi-Hello-Kitty-2016-Nail-Polish-Collection-1 Opi-Hello-Kitty-2016-Nail-Polish-Collection-2

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