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OPI Hello Kitty GelColor 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

The new Hello Kitty by OPI 2016 Collection (info, photos) just warms my heart as I can’t give up completely of being a girly girl sometimes. Judge me if you like but I’m always excited when I hear about a cute collection launching so the upcoming OPI Hello Kitty GelColor 2016 Collection seems right up my alley. There will be 12 new OPI Gel Colors matching each new Hello Kitty by OPI nail polish and somehow separated into two mini collections, one that features bright colors while the other hosts only soft pink hues.



U.S. Launch Date – TBA (Spring 2016)

OPI Hello Kitty GelColor 2016 Collection


  • GC H80 Kitty White
  • GC H81 Charmmy & Sugar
  • GC H82 Let’s Be Friends!
  • GC H83 Look at My Bow!
  • GC H84 Small + Cute = ♥
  • GC H85 Spoken from the Heart
  • GC H86 Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel
  • GC H87 Super Cute in Pink
  • GC H88 My Twin Mimmy
  • GC H89 5 Apples Tall
  • GC H90 My Pal Joey
  • GC H91 Never Have Too Mani Friends!

Hello Kitty by OPI Gel Color 2016 Collection also offers nail polish sets which will be accompanied by free complementary gifts. Take a look bellow and discover this cute OPI 2016 gel color collection.

Enjoy more photos…

OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-1 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-2 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-3 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-5 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-6 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-7 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-8 OPI-2016-Hello-Kitty-Gelcolor-9



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