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My experience at Make Up For Ever and Sephora beauty shops

by Tavia

Hi Girls!

Today I went to Make Up For Ever (MUFE) professional beauty shop decided to check out their goodies and to buy a new foundation. Almost 2 months ago I’ve bought All Mat Face Matifying Primer (I will review it shortly)  from Make Up For Ever and since I was so pleased with it I’ve decided to buy the foundation from the same brand.

The shop was not very big (almost the size of my living room) but full with all the products of the new collection and makeup accessories. When I entered the shop the 2 makeup artists present there were very polite and they offered to help me right away. It was a pleasant surprise to see that they have makeup artists in the shop instead of beauty sellers like in other beauty shops and let me tell you that the difference was huge. They were really aware of all the products in the shop (at least of all  that I’ve asked for) and they could also help you with makeup tips and advices . After checking out some of the new products I’ve stopped to look at the HD foundation and one of the makeup artist was glad to help me out.


I told her that I’m looking for a new foundation (for oily skin) and she invited me to take a seat at the makeup table, where she will test some of the foundation on my skin. Here was the first difference (in the positive way of course),  because working with clients all the time she really knew what I needed and showed me the only 2 foundation fit for my skin type.

Since I knew that I was going to look for a foundation I didn’t put any makeup on my face (only mascara and lipgloss) so she started by testing the Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation (for oily skin type) after she used a makeup cream removal. Maybe in other countries is normal that when you are shopping for a foundation a makeup artist should assist you and test the foundation on your skin, but believe me that here this is not happening (most of the times sellers try the products on their own skin) and this was the first time when I’ve experienced this in my country and I felt great. I definitely told to myself that I will comeback since they were so professional in choosing the right shade especially since I’ve never tried their foundations before.

The result was amazing, my face look matte (I hate it when is shining), the color was perfect, the texture was light, my skin could breathe and I was really not felling my face heavy in any way. Since I had some small pimples she applied one correcter from the Camouflage Palette number 1 and everything was looking natural without being to much.


The second test was with HD Invisible Cover Foundation. This one is for normal to oily skin and I had my doubts trying it, because I know that liquid foundations are not recommended to oily skin. Well not this one, it was not so liquid like the ones I’ve tried before and because was not designed for dry skin it didn’t looked so shiny on my face.

Comparing to Mat Velvet the HD was a little bit shiny (but just a bit, like I was using an illuminator). The coverage was the same but since now the low temperatures are coming I’ve decided to buy the HD foundation and since I already have the All Mat primer I hope that my face won’t shine after a couple of hours.


This was only my first impression but I will review the HD Invisible Cover Foundation later. I’ve payed 56$ for HD foundation and the Mat Velvet was cheaper only by 5$ (maybe I’ll buy it after winter).

Let me tell you US girls that I envy you 🙂 sometimes because I know there makeup products and accessories are way cheaper than here and the new collections can be found in the shops sooner than here.

I’ve also bought a pack of 6 makeup sponges (10$) to apply the foundation. The makeup artist recommended them and not the brush, because the foundation is not so liquid to be applied with brush and also because the sponge can make the product stay and be fixed better onto your skin.

I’ve also wanted to buy the Camouflage Palette and a lipgloss  but since they were more than US price I’ve decided to buy it from Ebay. I know that maybe for some of you +10$ is no difference but if you are buying 5-6 products you can easily feel it.

I enjoyed so much the time spent at the Make Up For Ever shop, the make up artists were more then helpful, they didn’t want to sell me their products no matter what, they even invited me to test more products and they were smiling all the time. We even talked about the expensive prices that are here comparing to US stores and they told me that I should try to order online if I know the right shade. I’ve received 4 samples of sponge shampoo from the house and I left the shop with a smile on my face.

If it weren’t for the pleasant experience at the MUFE shop I wouldn’t have been so calm at Sephora. I wanted to buy a lipgloss (something not so expensive) so I went to Sephora to try some of their lipglosses. After I’ve decided for the Ultra-Brillance Gloss (15$) I went to the Benefit counter to check out their lipglosses too. Since none of the products had any price tag displayed, I’ve asked the seller for the price, which she didn’t know and she went to the cash desk to check it out and after come back to ask me if I wanted something else. Well in the first place I didn’t remember saying that I want to buy the lipgloss (I was just check in the price) and the next thing was that I told her what else could I get when all the products seems to be for free since their prices are unknown (really bad strategy). Since she seemed overwhelmed another girl came, in a friendly mood and with a big smile on her face decided to help me and show me around.

She begin to test the glosses on her hand, until was not room left on her hand (I fully understand you Mary 🙂 ) and after I’ve asked about the  Material Girl powder she started to show me a body powder telling me it smells  nice but without even listening about what I’ve asked. I’ve told her that I’m interested in seeing other lipglosses and we hit the Too Faced counter where she begin to show me eyeshadows and mascaras. I didn’t want to ruin my good mood because of her, seeing her how decided she was to show me what she wanted and not what I was looking for (these girls really think they can sell you anything? ). She begin to test bronzer powders and eyeshadows on her hand (interior of her palm) without using a tissue to remove the excess. When I’ve asked her if a glossy palette comes with a lip brush she told me that I don’t need one because I can just apply them with my fingers. I just hated when these girls don’t even know about the brand products, they try to sell you old collection and tell you that they are actually new only because they didn’t got the new collection yet. Well, I left while I was still in the good mood and try to remember about the makeup artists in the MUFE shop.

I really had a good feeling when I saw that they are really professional and they know all the products. How can you sell something that you don’t even know about like some girls that work at Sephora and how can you have such an attitude towards clients ( this was not my first experience with Sephora). I hope you girls have had better experiences in the Sephora beauty shops but here I can’t expect much. Maybe in other countries things are different. I have to admit that when I travel to Europe I never enter in Sephora, only in Muller, Douglas, L’Etoile and other beauty shops but there everybody was nice and helpful (or maybe I was just lucky). I was in Sephora in Russia and I had the same bad experience like here.

Well, girls if you had some good or bad experience in the beauty shops please share, I would be interested to know what happened.

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All Women Stalker November 12, 2009 - 1:39 am

I’d have loved a photo of the makeover. Sounds like it was a great experience.


Marina November 12, 2009 - 1:40 am

I am so happy about your MUFE experience. And it’s a really great brand but I am also very upset that it is more expensive here than in the US. I just started my own collection of their eye shadows.

You read some stories about my experience @ Mary’s blog 😉 There was such a sweet man working @ my local makeup store but he is not working there anymore and this is very sad because he would always show me everything and would give me some samples.

Tavia November 12, 2009 - 1:40 am

Hi Meream! The makeup artist only tested the 2 foundation….:), so don’t imagine the whole package with eyeshadows, mascara and lipstick 🙂

Tavia November 12, 2009 - 1:45 am

Hi Marina! Yes, I’ve read the part with the candies and sounds great, I’ve seen candies in other shops too (here only at Douglas) and sometimes is enough to be simply polite and show a smile. I’ve also got some samples today (perfumes only) for Hermes.

gio November 12, 2009 - 11:11 am

I’m glad that you had a pleasant experience at the MUFE shop. I would love to try more of their stuff but it is so expensive here! Like you, I envy girls that live in the USA too, everything seems to be so much cheaper there.

Tavia November 12, 2009 - 12:46 pm

Hi Gio! I think the prices in Italy can be the same like here for MUFE, anyway expensive for sure considering that one eyeshadow refill here is around 21 $ and in US only 13 $. As I said above maybe for some this is not a huge difference but when it comes to buy like 6 eyeshadows to make your own palette then you can really feel the difference. Some girls are just lucky 🙂

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maryinwonder February 7, 2010 - 2:59 pm

whoa I overlooked this post! OMG sorry! Good thing you linked back to here!

These SA chicks are indeed crazy! They think if you ask any question that means you want to buy the product? eww~
Dun like them! >.<


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