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Mix it Up this Summer with Shiseido

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

This month makeup tips and tricks from Shiseido refers to the colour association. Not everyone knows how to combine colors, how to pair them to achieve the perfect makeup look and I admit I was a beginner myself a few years ago so Shiseido gives us a few simple rules to follow that will work for everyone. If you are scared to do mistakes with the colour association, keep in mind the colour wheel. Contrasts colours stand out, whilst complimentary colours harmonizes to give a softer appearance.


Every colour has an emotion, they are like a language. When I create, I mostly have some colour palettes in mind, pure colour in discreet combinations or dazzling unexpected associations…all of this really fires my imagination. –  Dick Page, Artistic Director

  1. Colours, texture, they all can be mixed together in order to create the finish you desire.
  2. The Lacquer Rouge GD817 Athena, used in the center of the lips over the Perfect Rouge PK249 Bloom, creates a fabulous 3D plumping effect .
  3. To make any eye shadow more luminous, more shiny and brighter, use the Shimmering Eye Cream Color WT901 Mist as a base on your eyelid.
  4. To mix lipsticks shades together and get your dream color, use a spatula to collect the textures from the bullits and mix them up until you obtain what you are looking for.
  5. Colour is what you want it to be… Do it like Dick Page, the colour specialist!

Enjoy more photos…




Shiseido-Summer-2014-Makeup-Products-3 Shiseido-Summer-2014-Makeup-Products-4

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