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Make Up For Ever Line Pro Sculpting 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Make Up For Ever has released for spring 2016 a new Pro Sculpting Line inspired by the art of sculpture and play of light and shadow used in make-up to highlight optimal facial beauty, highlighting the strengths. This new MUFE makeup collection is about three professional products for face, eyebrows and lips and I can’t wait to checked the new Sculpting Palette in person.



International Launch Date – March 2016

Romania Launch Date – Now at MUFE Studio

Make Up For Ever Line Pro Sculpting 2016 Collection

MUFE Pro Sculpting Palette – New


  • No.20 Light
  • No.30 Medium
  • No.40 Tan
  • No.50 Dark

These are extremely versatile palettes, that contain 4 colors with different textures from matte to shimmer, while the blush color can also be used as a concealer.

  1. HIGHLIGHT: the clear matte shades gives shape to the natural volume of the face;
  2. CONTOUR: dark matte shades shades and defines the contours of the face;
  3. SHIMMER: the iridescent shades adds light to the volumes of the face;
  4. COLOR: the blush finally gives the complexion a fresh and harmonious appearance.

MUFE Pro Sculpting Brow – New

This 3-in-1 tool works to define, contour and highlight brows for a perfectly sculpted, transformed look.


  • 10 Blond
  • 20 Dark Blond
  • 30 Brown
  • 40 Dark Brown
  • 50 Brown Black

MUFE Pro Sculpting Lip – New

Pro Sculpting Lip is specifically designed to contour and sculpt lips using 2 easy steps.

  • Step 1. Use stick to cover lips with a full-color semi-matte finish.
  • Step 2. Use shimmer-tip sponge to add a touch of light to the center of lips for volume effect. Blend in a circular motion at the center of lips.

Note: To intensify volumizing effect reload sponge applicator into its cap. After each use, wipe sponge-tip with tissue before closing.


  • No.50 Purple
  • No.40 Carmine Red
  • No.11 Rust
  • No.10 Rosewood

Enjoy more photos…




Make-Up-For-Ever-Contouring-Pro-Sculpting-Brow-2016 Make-Up-For-Ever-Contouring-Pro-Sculpting-Brow-Visual


Make-Up-For-Ever-Pro-Sculpting-Lip-1 Make-Up-For-Ever-Pro-Sculpting-Lip-2

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