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Make Up Factory Holiday 2016 Dark Elegance of a Swan Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Make Up Factory presents its holiday 2016 makeup collection, Dark Elegant of a Swan featuring darker shades with a metallic effect.

The lights are dimmed and the orchestra starts playing the first bars – the ballet gives rise to magical moments and the graceful dancers draw the audience under their spell. With its new collection Dark Elegance of a Swan, Make up Factory has captured this mysterious atmosphere. Dark blue to black tones, fascinating shimmer effects and intensive colors with metallic effect conjure up an exciting and glamorous look.



International Launch Date – November 2016 at Muller

Make Up Factory Holiday 2016 Dark Elegance of a Swan Collection

Illuminating Skin Perfector

The light reflecting liquid gives the complexion a radiant appearance and a subtle, mysterious glow. The skin perfecter contains subtly shimmering Spectra Flex® Focus pigments, which coat small skin blemishes, lines, and wrinkles. The pearl-like texture optimally adapts to every skin tone. The skin will be silky smooth and radiant for a fresh and young appearance. Fragrance and paraben free.

  • Light Reflecting

Cashmere Shimmer Mousse

The velvety soft mousse with shimmering particles ensures a fresh glow and even, silky finish. The airy and light mousse texture virtually melts into the skin and is easily blended. Fragrance-free. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

  • 07 Sheer Glow

Luxury Glitter Cream

This highlighting glitter cream creates metallic glitter effects on your face, neck, and décolleté. The gel-like texture makes it easy to apply the cream evenly. Luxurious, light reflecting glitter particles settle on the skin like crystal dust. The particles adhere well to the skin and do not fall off. Free of perfumes.

  • 09 Desert Rose
  • 11 Silver Rose

Eye Shadow

  • 01 Black Feathers
  • 72 Darkest Blue
  • 75 Blue Ballet

Metallic Eye Color Fluid

Metallic Eyes: breathtaking, beautiful eyes with a metallic shimmer fascinate and underline the individuality of every woman. The iridescent fluid perfects every look and lends a touch of elegance and glamour. The intensive shades guarantee high coverage and a long-lasting finish without flaking! The particularly creamy, silky texture can be applied quickly and easily.

  • 05 Liquid Silver
  • 16 Metallic Rose
  • 20 Iridescent Pink
  • 28 Iridescent Blue

Metallic Eyeliner

  • 33 Silver Spotlight
  • 72 Graceful Rose

Deep Black Volume Mascara

  • 01P Deep Black

Liquid Eye Liner

  • 05 Elegant Blue

Liquid Eye Designer

  • 01 Black

Lip Color

  • 114 Rosy Rosewood

Shimmer Lip Stick

  • 40 Rosewood Pearl

Enjoy more photos…

make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection-1 make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection-2 make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection-3 make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection-4 make-up-factory-holiday-2016-dark-elegance-of-a-swan-collection-5

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