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Make Up Factory Fall Winter 2015 Trends

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

The new Makeup Factory Fall Winter 2015 Trends invites us into the provocative life of Parisian “Glam Rebels” which is expressed in the “laissez faire” attitude of a luxury jet-set world. The timeless dandy look is stylish and extravagant at the same time.



Europe Launch Date – mid August 2015 at Muller perfumeries and Make Up Factory counters

Make Up Factory Fall Winter 2015 Trends

Make up Factory Sensitive Eye Shadow Base – €9.95

Creamy delicate eye shadow foundation in neutral colours. It prolongs the wear time of eye shadow and prevents caking in the eyelid crease. The eye shadow base evenly covers the eyelids thus hiding small exposed capillaries and redness. The foundation intensifies the luminescence of colours, makes it easier to apply eye makeup, and keeps powders in place. Also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Free of paraben, perfumes, and silicone. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

Make up Factory Eye Shadow – €13.95

  • No.02B Anthracite
  • No.27B Daring Red

Make up Factory Mat Eye Colors – €17.95

  • No.020 Red Rebel  – red, rust red, cream and black (Matte)

Make up Factory Eye Shadow Brush Small – €11.95

Is made of high quality fiber and Toray sable hair which makes it the perfect eye makeup brush. The elastic hair tips allow a pleasant velvety application of the eye shadow with a high opacity.

Make up Factory Soft Blending Brush – €14.95

Made 100% from goat hair. The oval shape of the elastic and extremely soft hair ends are perfectly adapted for the eye contour.

Make up Factory Smoky Liner long-lasting & Waterproof – €12.95


  • No.01 Deep Black
  • No.03 Black
  • No.05 Anthracite
  • No.09 Smoky Brown
  • No.14 Smoky Green
  • No.17 Smoky Teal
  • No.23 Smoky Blue

Make up Factory Calligraphic Eye Liner – €14.95

  • No.01 Black

Make up Factory Deep Black Volume Mascara – €14.95

  • No.01 Deep Black

Make up Factory Blusher  – €13.95

  • No.15 Light Shiraz

Make up Factory Lip Color – €13.95

  • No.094 Calm Nude – delicate nude
  • No.156 Red Temptation – elegant red

Make up Factory Nail Color – €7.95

  • No.347 Black Glam
  • No.479 Red Statement

Enjoy more photos…

Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-1 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-2 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-3 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-4 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-5 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-6 Make-Up-Factory-Fall-Winter-2015-Trends-7

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