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Make Up Factory Eye Color Sticks for Summer 2014

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Make Up Factory launches Eye Color Stick, a new product for summer 2014 available in 8 shades, a new ready-to-use product for when you are on the go.


The eyeshadow in the shape of a pencil is perfect for a quick application or a short brush-up of the eye makeup. The practical shape is perfect for quick and easy application directly on the eyelid. Thanks to the ultra creamy texture, the eye shadow pencil glides gently over the skin. The high percentage of cocoa butter also nourishes the sensitive eye area.  Its fine glitter particles creates an irresistible glow to the eye area. Due to the twist-up lead there is no need for sharpening.


International Launch Date – April 2014 exclusively at Muller

Make Up Factory Eye Color Sticks for Summer 2014


  • No. 10 Dark Rock
  • No. 17 Sparkling Snow
  • No. 22 Prosecco
  • No. 26 Cinderella Pink
  • No. 35 Golden Flame
  • No. 41 Satin Greige
  • No. 49 Green Adventure
  • No. 58 Ocean Water

Enjoy more close-up photos and some behind the scenes images…

Make-Up-Factory-Eye-Color-Stick-2014 Make-Up-Factory-Eye-Color-Sticks-2014 Make-Up-Factory-2014-Eye-Color-Stick








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