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MAC Moody Blooms Collection for Summer 2014

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

If we knew the color story of MAC Moody Blooms Summer 2014 Collection since last month now I’m back with the visuals and close-up photos. Earlier today I saw the MAC Summer 2014 update book with quite a few face charts and makeup looks realized with the shades from this line that I will be posting later on the blog along with news from MAC upcoming Summer and Fall collections.


Filled with exotic flora exuding a hint of danger, a sensual hothouse of night-blooming flowers sets the scene for seduction. In this garden of the night, moody blooms become the ultimate obsession… venomous violets, intoxicating ivy and poisonous nightshade glow with a phosphorescent gleam. As the blossoming buds unfurl into the darkness, electric colors emerge, shrouding eyes in earthy metallic Eyeshadows, intensified by blackened green and plum Fluidline, and the drama of false lashes black. Vibrant lips suggest a hidden motive as the soft warm pinks of Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint are overpowered by the deep blue plums and darkened berries of Sheen Supreme Lipstick. A final surge of adrenaline bursts with pink and shimmery bronze Powder Blush before these beauties dissolve again into the night.


U.S. Launch Date – 26 June 2014 at MAC counters

International Launch Date – July 2014 at MAC Locations

Romania Launch Date – late July 2014 at MAC Locations

MAC Moody Blooms Summer 2014 Collection

Sheen Supreme Lipstick – $16.00/ $19.00 CAD / 92.00 Lei

  • Moody Bloom – bronze plum (excluding Asia) (New & Limited Edition)
  • Phosphorescent – electric pink coral (New & Limited Edition)
  • Pheromonal – dark blue pink (New & Limited Edition)
  • Quite the Thing – deep blue plum (Repromote)
  • Lust Extract – electric violet (New & Limited Edition)
  • Venomous Violet – deep berry (online exclusive) (New & Limited Edition)

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint – $19.50/ $22.50 CAD / 97.00 Lei

  • Simply Wow – midtown cool mauve (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Bubble Gum – soft warm pink (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Glorious Intent – warm mauve (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Blushing Berry – mid tone cool red (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Gwi-yo-mi – mid tone raspberry (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)

Eyeshadow – $15.00/ $18 CAD / 86.00 Lei

  • Artistic License – pink gold (Veluxe Pearl) (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Lucky Green – dark yellow green (Veluxe Pearl) (Excluding Asia) (Repromote)
  • Blooming Mad – mid tone ultra violet (Frost) (New & Limited Edition)
  • Deep Fixation – metallic brown (Veluxe Pearl) (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Hidden motive – deep aubergine (Veluxe Pearl) (Excluding Asia) (New & Limited Edition)
  • Green Room – mid tone teal (Satin) (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)

Fluidline – $16.00/ $19.00 CAD / 92.00 Lei

  • Copperthorn – glittery bronze (New & Limited Edition)
  • Black Ivy – blackened green (New & Limited Edition)
  • Nightshade – blackened plum (New & Limited Edition)

Powder Blush – $21.00/ $25.00 CAD / 107.00 Lei

  • Worldly Wealth – shimmering peachy bronze (Frost) (Re-Introduction & Limited Edition)
  • Bred for beauty – mid tone blue pink (Matte) (New & Limited Edition)


  • 211 Brush – pointed liner brush (Synthetic fibre) – $20.00/ $24.00 CAD
  • 239 Brush – eye shader brush (Natural fibre) – $25.00/ $30.00

False Lashes – $21.00/ $25.00 CAD / 97.00 Lei

  • False Black – black (Repromote)

Enjoy more photos…


MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-1 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-2 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-3 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-4 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-5 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-6 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-7 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-8 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-9 MAC-Summer-2014-Moody-Blooms-10

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