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MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash Mascara for Fall 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

MAC Cosmetics is releasing next month Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash, a new mascara which features “77-Mineral Complex”. MAC describe it as a unique blend of minerals that will make our lashes flexible, soft, very well defined and separated with the promise they will always look luxurious and elegant without clumping.



International Launch Date – 21 August 2014 at MAC Locations

MAC Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash Mascara – New – £17.85

  • Charged Black – deep glossy black

The multi-effect brush seems to do all the hard work here as it will comb and coat each lash while lengthening it with a deep, glossy color. I’m intrigued by what this new mascara promises to do and I will be definitely checking it next month when it enters MAC Stores.

I will post a quick preview and my first impression of this mascara later on.

Are you lovelies ready to receive a new mascara from MAC Cosmetics?

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